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Outdoor Revolution - Functional, Durable and Lightweight Caravan-Awnings, Drive-Away Awnings & Tents

“Outdoor Revolution” have been creating functional, durable and lightweight awnings for over 13 years; we strive to use the best quality features and components on the market to create the ultimate caravan-awnings, drive-away awnings and tents available. We are based in West Yorkshire, where our own design team constantly strive to improve our products to ensure customer satisfaction. Our friendly customer service team are on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding our products, as well as to provide great tips and advice.

Whether it’s an awning for your caravan, a drive-away awning for your motorhome or a tent, there is something for everyone, including matching accessories. As more people look towards holidaying in the UK through camping, caravanning or motor-homing; we will continue to develop the most desirable products on the market, using industry leading and ground-breaking technology!

Our ethos is to produce “great product, of great quality, at a great price.”

"Outdoor Revolution" are the only manufacturer to offer the exclusive ‘Intelligent Frame Relief Valve’, a pressure release valve which self regulates the pressure in the air-frame, caused by ambient temperature changes, combined with the ‘Dynamic Speed Valve’; the quickest and easiest inflation & deflation valve on the market. "Outdoor Revolution" are the only manufacturer to offer a ‘Lifetime Guarantee’ on all of our air-framed tents and awnings. New for 2017 is ‘Phoenix Mesh’ ventilation, an assisted-healing smart material that repairs ‘snag’ damage. We also have an exciting new range of lightweight fabrics (68HD, 150HD, 250HD) as well as traditional-feel fabrics ofor caravan-awnings (600HD & 800HD), all utilising advanced 3D weaves to provide the OPTIMUM strength-to-weight ratios of any tent or awning fabrics on the market!

Outdoor Revolution’s distinctive designs will ensure you stand out from the crowd!!

'Blue Diamond Products Ltd.' are a UK manufacturer and supplier of effective cleaning solutions, caravan care products and a range of useful accessories for caravanning, motor-homing or camping.

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