Snugrug Carpet

Outdoor Revolution’s Snugrug is a luxurious carpet compatible with numerous drive away awnings and tents, tailored for an optimum, rug-stye fit, shaped to each appropriate model! Please refer to 'Technical Specification' to view ALL compatible models.

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Outdoor Revolution’s Snugrug is a luxurious rug-style carpet compatible with numerous drive-away awnings and family tents, tailored for an optimal fit! This softer groundsheet alternative is lightweight and durable, plus packs into a handy carry bag for increased portability and ease of packing. Each carpet has two removable black waterproof mats to place in the doorways of your awning/tent, protecting the soft material from muddy or wet shoes. Please refer to 'Technical Specification' to view ALL compatible models.

This accessory is thermal-backed for insulation, preventing the cold and damp from rising through and retaining a pleasant temperature for maximum comfort! It is highly water-repellent, meaning it can easily be used outside as a stand-alone carpet; the product is also trimmed and branded for a more stylish and contemporary finish; it comes complete with our signature trio-stripe branding around the border!

Additional Information

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Designed Specifically to Comfortably Fit a Selection of Drive Aways & Tents with Various Size Options Available (See 'Technical Specification')
  • Includes 2 Black Waterproof Mats for Doorways (to Prevent Footprints)
  • Trimmed & Branded
  • Thermal-Backed
  • Water-Repellent
  • Rug Style (Will Not Fit Edge to Edge)
  • Can be Used Outside
  • Complete with Trio-Stripe Branding Around the Border
  • Includes Handy Carry Bag

Various Size Options Available, Each Tailored to Fit Specific Models:

  1. T1/Cayman/Cayman Air Snugrug - OR18415 - £109.99 RRP
  2. Movelite T2/T1 Tail Snugrug - OR17512 - £99.99 RRP
  3. Movelite T3 Vario Snugrug - OR17534 - £129.99 RRP
  4. Movelite T4 Snugrug - OR17547 - £116.99 RRP
  5. Movelite T5 Kombi Vario Snugrug - OR17554 - £149.99 RRP
  6. O-zone 6.0XTR Vario Snugrug - OR18806 - £175.99 RRP
  7. Airedale 5 Snugrug - OR18854 - £79.99 RRP
  8. Airedale 6/Pro Climate Snugrug - OR18864 - £104.99 RRP
  9. Airedale 7 Snugrug - OR18874 - £129.99 RRP
  10. Airedale 8/12 Snugrug - OR17874 - £129.99
  11. Crossover Snugrug - OR17954 - £109.99

    Barcode 5060105568244