Treadlite Groundsheet

Outdoor Revolution/Blue Diamond’s breathable Treadlite is a superb jet-washable carpet, designed specifically for our lightweight caravan air awning range; it is available in numerous shaped sizes and is cut to size to ascertain an optimal fit to the footprint of each caravan awning! Please refer to 'Technical Specification' to view ALL available sizes.

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Outdoor Revolution/Blue Diamond’s breathable ‘Treadlite’ is a superb machine washable carpet alternative, designed specifically for our lightweight caravan air awnings; it is available in numerous sizes and is cut to size for each caravan awning to ascertain an optimal fit! This carpet is perfect, should site rules dictate that a ‘breathable’ groundsheet is necessary, and is suitable for all pitches! Please refer to 'Technical Specification' to view ALL available sizes.

The carpet is porous and allows small amounts of air through, so that the grass beneath it can ‘breathe’, helping to prevent ‘yellowing’. Eyelets in each corner securely hold the groundsheet in place and provide additional stability in windier weather. It is hard-wearing and easily cleaned using a power washer; this accessory comes complete with a handy carry bag for increased portability and ease of storage.

Additional Information

  • Designed Especially for Range of Caravan-Awnings 
  • Hard-Wearing
  • Breathable Material
  • Easily Cleaned Using Power Washer
  • Eyelets at Each Corner for Secure Fit
  • Handy Carry/Storage Bag 
  • Porous to Allow Grass Beneath to Breathe
  • Cut-to-Size for Our Caravan Awnings
  • Suitable for All Pitches

The Treadlite is Created Using a Woven PVC. There Are a Range of Sizes Available, All of Which Are Cut to Size, For An Optimum Fit On Your Caravan Awning Footprint:

  • Shaped E-Sport Air 325 Treadlite (300cm x 250cm) – TRE300B – 5060105562747 - £24.99 RRP
  • Shaped E-Sport Air 400 Treadlite (400cm x 250cm) – TRE400B – 5060105562761 - £30.99 RRP
  • Shaped Elan 280 Treadlite (280cm x 280cm) – TRE17300 – 5060105568541 - £25.99 RRP
  • Shaped Elan 340 Treadlite (340cm x 280cm) – TRE17310 – 5060105568558 - £29.99 RRP
  • Shaped Elise/Evora 260 Treadlite (260cm x 280cm) – TRE18000 - 5060542050098 - £23.99 RRP
  • Shaped Elise/Evora 390 Treadlite (390cm x 280cm) – TRE18005 - 5060542050104 - £34.99 RRP
  • Shaped Elise 520 Treadlite (520cm x 280cm) – TRE18010 - 5060542050111 - £40.99 RRP
  • Shaped Esprit 360/360 Pro Treadlite (360cm x 310cm) – TRE17320 – 5060105568565 - £34.99 RRP
  • Shaped Esprit 420/420 Pro Treadlite (420cm x 310cm) – TRE17325 – 5060105568572 - £34.99 RRP

      Barcode 5060105562747