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Stone Protection Footprint Groundsheet

Stone Protection Footprint Groundsheet

Stone Protection Footprint Groundsheet


Outdoor Revolution’s ‘Stone Protection Footprint Groundsheet’ is a convenient, plain groundsheet that lays underneath your awning, providing additional protection against the elements. Compatible with a number of our drive-away awnings and family tents; the footprint not only prevents your groundsheet from getting dirty, however, it also ensures safe footing or a good night's sleep by protecting you against sharp rocks or hard ground! It is available in various sizes and cut-to-size to ensure an optimum fit; this accessory is hard-wearing and incredibly easy to clean (it can simply be hosed down).

This product is highly water-repellent, with a hydrostatic head rating of 10,000mm! Eyelets in each corner securely hold the groundsheet in place and provide additional stability during windier weather. This product is rot-proof and will not degrade; the groundsheet comes complete in a handy carry bag for increased portability and ease of storage. 


Barcode:  5060105566592

  • Rot-Proof - Will Not Degrade

  • Easily Washable (Can be Hosed Down)

  • Provides Excellent Protection Against the Elements

  • Prevents Groundsheet from Getting Dirty

  • Protects Against Sharp Rocks & Hard Ground

  • Water Repellent - Hydrostatic Head Rating of 10,000mm

  • Includes Handy Carry Bag

  • Cut-to-Size

  • Eyelets in Each Corner for Secure Fit

  • Hard-Wearing

  • Compatible with Range of Drive-Away Awnings & Tents

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All of our 'Stone Protection Footprint' groundsheets are cut-to-size, therefore, dimensions of the footprint are the same as the floor dimensions of the product it is fitting.


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