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Lumi-Lite USB Camping Lantern

Lumi-Lite USB Camping Lantern

Lumi-Lite USB Camping Lantern


Barcode:  5060105569128

Outdoor Revolution’s ‘Lumi-Lite’ is an excellent chargeable camping lantern, specifically designed to provide up to 8 hours (battery life) of lustrous light in your tent, ensuring it feels that little bit more at home for the outdoor enthusiast. With a variety of brightness settings, to dim or enhance the lighting in your tent/awning to accommodate your needs; this accessory makes for a fully-functional ceiling light, portable lantern and even a ‘night light’ for families! Conveniently, It is chargeable through any power sources with an external USB socket, yet it is completely waterproof! Complete with an ergonomic carry handle; this product really has it all! This optional extra is most effective when used in conjunction with our ‘12V USB Charging & Power Hub’ and ‘Up/Down Lighter’ reflective shade system; it is even compatible with our entire 2018 range of air-tents, air-awnings and air drive aways.

RRP £11.99

Expect to Pay £9.99

Saving £2.00

  • Camping Lantern Ideal as Roof Light, Portable Light and Night Light

  • Multiple Brightness Settings

  • Waterproof

  • USB Charging Point

  • 8 Hours Battery Life in Single Charge

  • Ergonomic Carry Handle

  • Best When Used in Conjunction with 'Up/Down Lighter' and '12V USB Charging & Power Hub'

  • Compatible With All 2018 Outdoor Revolution Air-Tents, Air-Awnings & Air Drive-Aways

  • COMPATIBLE WITH: All 2018 Air Awnings, Air Drive Aways and Air Tents
  • COLOURWAYS - White/Pink/Purple & Green/Black/White
  • BATTERY LIFE - 8 Hours
  • 12V USB Charging & Power Hub - OR18118
  • Up/Down Lighter - OR18000
  • All 2018 Air Awnings, Air Drive Aways & Air Tents

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