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Tube Kits

Tube Kits

Tube Kits


Outdoor Revolution's 'Tube Kits' incorporate additional air-frame tubes, which simply velcro into the roof or windows of various different products. These tubes provide further stability and rigidity to the awning; they are not a necessity, which is why we have created them, as an optional extra for those customers who like to have peace of mind.  

These are smaller versions of the tubes included with the awning, utilising the famed 'Dynamic Speed Valve' for inflation and deflation. The tubes can be inserted in to the roof-line as additional support and to further tension the roof, or alternatively into the windows to create a veranda bar; extremely useful for keeping the windows open whilst keeping pets inside. 

We recommend that you take these out when packing the awning away, just like you would the tubes which are included with the awning; deflate them and then roll them up in the awning. 

Sizes do vary; there is a 'Tube Kit' especially designed for numerous caravan-awnings and drive-away awnings - please see 'Technical Specification' for more details.


Barcode:  See Technical Specification.

  • Includes Numerous Air-Frame Tubes For Different Awnings/Drive-Aways

  • Dynamic Speed Valve

  • Function as Roof-Support Tubes for Extra Stability

  • Function as Veranda Bars in the Windows

  • Various Sizes for Each Product 

  • Sport-Air 325 Tube Kit - OR16207 = £54.99 - 50601055671002
  • Sport-Air 400 Tube Kit - OR17206 = £79.99 - 50601055674073
  • Esprit 360/Pro - OR17322 = £59.99//£69.99 - 50601055674764
  • Esprit 420/Pro - OR17327 = £79.99//£89.99 - 50601055674905
  • MoveAirLite Classic/Classic XL - OR16592 = £34.99 - 5060105567094

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If you cannot find a stockist please give our sales team a ring on 01924 455313 and we will be happy to help.


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