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Lounge Liner

Lounge Liner

Lounge Liner


Outdoor Revolution’s tailor-madeLounge Liner’ optional extra is a water-repellent roof-liner accessory, compatible with a range of our awnings and tents, including the O-zone 6.0XTR V, Inspiral Range, Esprit Range and the Europa Range. Sizes vary as every lounge liner is especially cut-to-size for their respective tent/awning to ensure an optimum fit. It is lined with a cool-grey breathable micro-polyester in order to improve air-flow and provide water-resistant properties, helping to combat condensation. This accessory simply toggles into the roof and traps a layer of air between the tent/awning roof and the liner, making it cooler in warm weather and warmer in cool weather. The toggles securely hold the accessory in place, even throughout tougher weather conditions.

 See Technical Specification. 

create a more luxurious environment and improve air-flow.

  • Breathable Cool-Grey Micro-Polyester

  • Toggles-In to the Roof

  • Reduces Condensation

  • Cut-to-Size

  • Water-Repellent

  • Toggles Securely Hold in Place

  • Fits O-zones, Airedales, Inspirals, Esprits and Europas

  • Various Sizes to fit Ozones, Airedales, Inspirals, Esprits and Europas:
  1. O-zone 6.0XTR - OR17808 = £34.99 - 5060105568060
  2. Airedale 5 - OR17856 = £24.99 -  5060105568251
  3. Airedale 6 - OR17866 = £34.99 - 5060105568305
  4. Airedale 8//12 - OR17876 = £24.99 - OR17876 – 5060105568350
  5. Inspiral 5 - OR17906 = £24.99 - 5060105568442 
  6. Inspiral 5.2/5.2XT - OR17926 = £24.99 - 5060105568497
  7. Esprit 420/Pro - OR17328 = £36.99 - 5060105568886
  8. Esprit 360/Pro - OR17323 = £30.50 - 5060105568879
  9. Europa - OR17364 = £24.99 - 5060105568893

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