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Elan 280 (2018)

Elan 280 (2018)

Elan 280 (2018)


Outdoor Revolution’s “Elan 280” is speed, elegance and simplicity at its finest; making this the greatest small, air-porch awning on the market. This highly lightweight, compact caravan-awning is perfect for couples who enjoy taking spontaneous weekends away and oozes quality!

The 600 High-Density material gives the familiarity of a traditional awning, whilst maintaining all the benefits of our signature lightweight awnings. The especially constructed weave gives the look and feel of canvas, with the outstanding performance of this technologically advanced fabric. 

The Oxygen Air-Frame is the easiest and quickest inflation system on the market, with no adjoining pipes/taps spoiling the immaculate lines of our beautiful designs. The frame consists of a single Oxygen Air-Frame Tube, plus, incorporates the Dynamic Speed Valve and the patented Intelligent Frame Relief Valve. Inflation is speedy using the Dual-Action Pump provided and deflation is the push of a button. Our exclusive relief valve prevents damage to the tube through expelling excess air, usually caused by over-inflation or increases in the ambient temperature. All valves are discretely concealed by a velcro cover.

The fabric is exceptionally water-resistant and water will simply bead on the surface and roll off. The light-coloured roof material reflects heat to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the awning, whilst the complimentary Draught Skirt and the Heavy Duty PVC Mud Wall trap warmth during harsher weather.

Windows are tinted to reduce glare, creating a more comfortable and relaxing environment. All windows have integrated Zip-In Curtains, which can be rolled back during the day or zipped-in for complete privacy at night.

The Mesh Vents help combat condensation by improving air-circulation, plus, the side-doors have a mesh fly-screen to keep insects out and optimise air-flow. These are crafted using Phoenix Mesh; an assisted-healing ‘smart’ material that has the structurally incorporated ability to repair ‘snag’ damage caused by consistent usage. Simply manipulated, the mesh will return to its original form.

The awning comes complete with two clip-on Storm Straps and Pegs. The optional “Elan Canopy” (providing an extended living area with protection from the elements) and a breathable “Treadlite” carpet (for maximum comfort) can also be purchased.

There is one other size for this product, the “Elan 340”; offering a wider living area and better suited to smaller families. Both sizes were especially selected to be compatible with 99% of caravans.

The canvas includes a one year guarantee, whereas the tubes have an exclusive lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing faults.

This awning has been specifically designed and is perfect for touring use; it is not designed for seasonal or residential purposes.

Barcode:   5060105569296

RRP £629

Expect to Pay £539

Saving £90

  • 600HD Fabric - Durable 'Traditional Feel' Fabric.

  • Single Point Inflation Tube - Single Inflation Point Provides Quick & Easy Inflation.

  • Individual Roof Support Air-Beam - An Individual Velcro-In Air-Frame Tube to Further Tension & Support the Roof.

  • Dynamic Speed Valves - The Quickest, Simplest and Most Reliable Inflation Valve on the Market.

  • Intelligent Frame Relief Valve Protection System - Our Exclusive Pressure Relief Valve to Prevent Over-Inflation, Expelling Any Excess Air Above 6PSI.

  • Tinted Windows - To Reduce Glare & Increase Privacy.

  • Zip-In Curtains - To Provide Further Privacy & Make It Feel More Like Home.

  • TPS Twin Piping System (4mm x 6mm) - To Attach to Your Caravan or Motorhome.

  • Phoenix Mesh. Doors - Created from an Assisted-Healing 'Smart' Material that Self-Repairs 'Snag' Damage Caused Over Time.

  • PVC Draught Exclusion - To Maintain a Comfortable Temperature Inside the Awning.

  • PVC Draught Skirt - To Maintain a Comfortable Temperature Inside the Awning.

  • Two Reflective Endurance Storm Straps - For Unequalled Stability.

  • Lifetime Guarantee -  On the 'Oxygen Air-Frame'.

  • Fully Zip-Back Front Door

  • Includes Pegs, Dual-Action Hand Pump & Lumi-Link/Lumi-Lite Hanging Points.

  • WEIGHT: 16.9kg
  • WIDTH: 280cm
  • DEPTH: 280cm
  • HEIGHT RANGE: 235-250cm
  • PACK SIZE: 76*32*35cm

This awning has been specifically designed and is perfect for touring use; it is not designed for seasonal or residential purposes.

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