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Elise 390

Elise 390

Elise 390


Barcode:  5060105569364

The brand-new contemporary ‘Elise’ range, designed for 2018, consists of three luxuriously sized awnings, ideal for creating a wonderful living conservatory space for your caravan. The lighter coloured fabric gives this range an exceptionally modern look and feel, whilst having the practical benefit of keeping the interior of the awning looking immaculate, light and airy. The 280cm depth of the Elise range is perfectly compatible on all camping and caravan club pitches, both in the UK and abroad. Additional accessories such as the ‘Elise Annexe’ have been designed to complement this range of awnings and being ambidextrous, it fits to both the left and right-hand side of the awnings.

The cavernous 'Elise 390' caravan awning is best suited to couples requiring ample living and storage space to complement their caravan. Utilising the 600 High Density Oxford Weave fabric; this product utilses a traditional-feel and contemporary aesthetic, whilst maintaining the performance of much heavier, denier fabrics and the lightweight properties of a porch awning. Additional features, such as ventilation points and mesh zip-in doors are specifically designed to optimise airflow, keeping the awning cool and airy in warmer weather and helping to reduce condensation.

The three front panels are exceptionally versatile and can be opened up to create a canopy or completely zipped-in to provide additional privacy and security. Large, zip-in curtains provide the flexibility of multi-level privacy, similar to blinds.

Incorporating Phoenix Mesh; an assisted-healing ‘smart’ mesh material that has the structurally incorporated ability to repair ‘snag’ damage caused by usage over time. Simply manipulated, the mesh will return to its original form.

The ‘Accessory Internal Divider’ optional extra can be clipped-in to the left or right hand side of the caravan awning to divide it into separate storage and living sections; the handy storage pockets provide additional usable storage space.

RRP £1,049

Expect to Pay £899

Saving £150

  • 600HD Polyester A Hard-Weaing Traditional-Feel Fabric, Utilising All of the Benefits of our Signature Lightweight Fabrics, With a Contemporary Finish.

  • NEW Patterned Internal Roof Fabric - To Add a More Stylish & Contemporary Touch.

  • Four Main Oxygen Air-Frame Tubes - Multiple Inflation Point Air Beams.

  • Six Roof Support Air-Frame Tubes - For Maximum Stability of the Awning During Poorer Weather Conditions.

  • Lifetime Guarantee - On the 'Oxygen Air-Frame'.

  • Dynamic Speed Valves - The Quickest, Simplest & Most Reliable Inflation Valve on the Market.

  • Intelligent Frame Relief Valve Protection System - Our Patented Pressure Relief Valve to Prevent Over-Inflation, Expelling Any Excess Air Above 5 PSI. 

  • Tinted Windows - For Increased Privacy & Reduced Glare.

  • Sky Lights - To Maintain a Light & Airy Interior.

  • Embossed Zip-In Curtains - Leaf-Print Embossed Curtains for Further Privacy & To Make It Feel More Like Home.

  • Phoenix Mesh. Doors - Created from a Assisted-Healing 'Smart' Material, Repairing 'Snag' Damage Caused Over Time.

  • TPS Twin Piping System (4mm x 6mm) To Attach to Your Caravan or Motorhome.

  • Lumi-Link & Up/Down Lighter Compatible - To Offer the Option of Brightening Up the Awning During Darker Periods.

  • PVC Draught Exclusion - To Maintain a Comfortably Warm Temperature Inside the Awning.

  • PVC Draught Skirt - To Maintain a Comfortably Warm Temperature Inside the Awning.

  • Endurance Storm Straps - To Provide Optimum Stability & Posture During Harsher Weather and Storms.

  • Zip-Back Front Door.

  • Zip-Out Side Doors for Annexe.

  • Includes Dual-Action Hand Pump, Pegs & Lumi-Link/Lumi-Lite Hanging Points.

  • WIDTH: 390cm
  • DEPTH: 280cm
  • HEIGHT: 235-250cm
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 28.9kg
  • PACK SIZE: 80*52*45cm
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: Caravan/Motorhome


This awning has been specifically designed and is perfect for touring use; it is not designed for seasonal or residential purposes.

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