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Esprit 420 Pro (2018)

Esprit 420 Pro (2018)

Esprit 420 Pro (2018)


Enhanced for 2018; the ‘Outdoor Revolution’ flagship ‘Esprit’ awning range has plenty of fantastic new upgrades. Made with an upgraded 800 High-Density weave fabric; this range carries the most luxurious look and traditional-feel of any lightweight awning on the market. Available in 3.6m or 4.2m models, with traditional-style sliding curtains and large skylights for a stylish touch and to really create a feeling of a ‘home from home’; this range has all the style and panache for even the most discerning of caravanners! Utilising the ‘Dura-Tech’ single inflation point system, this range of awnings is quite simply the quickest and easiest to inflate.

This flagship ‘Esprit 420 Pro’ conservatory for the side of your caravan is quite simply the ultimate single inflation point awning available; perfect for couples, families and families with pets, this spacious 4.2m awning provides all of the very best features (and more) to be found in any awning within its class. Crafted using the exceptional ‘Pro 800HD’ polyester fabric, plus boasting Outdoor Revolution’s staple features and benefits such as large panoramic tinted windows, sliding traditional style curtains, ventilation points and mesh zip-in side doors - not to mention the many brand-new upgrades for 2018, including ‘Lumi-Link’ & ‘Up/Downlighter’ attachment points, a soft, printed internal roof fabric design, as well as the new ‘Pro Conservatory Annexe’ accessory; the ‘Esprit 420 Pro’ ticks every conceivable box!

Both the ‘Esprit 420 Pro’ and ‘Esprit 360 Pro’ are made using our premium 800 High-Density yarn woven fabric specifically to create the most luxurious, high performing fabric ever; unequalled in its look, feel and technical performance, this fabric has been quality controlled to the highest of standards.

A ‘Dura-Tech’ air-frame system with high pressure tubes makes these awnings the fastest, most robust and reliable on the market to inflate, without any troublesome connecting hoses and valves. The ‘Dura-Tech’ air-frame has been quality controlled to ensure optimal performance and comes complete with the outstanding ‘Outdoor Revolution Lifetime Guarantee’* for peace of mind in years to come.

Incorporating Phoenix Mesh in the side-door panels; an assisted-healing ‘smart’ mesh material that has the structurally incorporated ability to repair ‘snag’ damage caused by usage over time. Simply manipulated, the mesh will return to its original form.

The versatility of this awning is unequalled; the front door panels can be fully zipped open and rolled back, or can be zipped half open and the top half folded down. The awning can also take a zip-on annexe to both the left and right hand side.

The brand-new ‘Lumi Lighting’ system has been exclusively designed for compatibility with all Outdoor Revolution’s 2018 model awnings; these lights provide the perfect cosy ambiance, on even the gloomiest of nights.


Barcode:          5060105569432

RRP £1,169

Expect to Pay £999

Saving £170

  • Pro. 800HD Fabric - The Most Hard-Wearing  'Traditional-Feel' Fabric Available.

  • Dura Tech. Single Inflation Point Tube - A Quick and Easy to Erect Frame.

  • NEW Patterned Internal Roof Fabric - For a Stylish & Contemporary Touch.

  • Dynamic Speed Valves - The Quickest, Simplest & Most Reliable Inflation Valve on the Market.

  • Intelligent Frame Relief Valve Protection System - Our Exclusive Pressure Relief Valve to Prevent Over-Inflation, Expelling Excess Air Above 6PSI.

  • Tinted Windows - To Reduce Glare &Increase Privacy.

  • Traditional Draw-Back Curtains - To Provide Further Privacy & Make It Feel More Like Home. 

  • Phoenix Mesh. Doors - Self-Repairing 'Smart' Mesh.

  • PVC Draught Exclusion - To Maintain a Comfortable Temperature Inside the Awning.

  • PVC Draught Skirt - To Maintain a Comfortable Temperature Inside the Awning.

  • TPS Twin Piping System (4mm x 6mm) - To Attach to Your Caravan/Motorhome.

  • Zip-Back Front Doors - For Ease of Access & More Versatility.

  • Two Reflective Endurance Storm Straps - For Unequalled Stability.

  • Lifetime Guarantee - On the Tubes/Air-Frame.

  • Includes Pegs, Dual-Action Hand Pump & Lumi-Link/Lumi-Lite Hanging Points.

  • WEIGHT: 38.8kg
  • WIDTH: 420cm
  • DEPTH: 310cm
  • FRONT HEIGHT: 180cm
  • REAR HEIGHT: 235cm
  • PACK SIZE: 78*47*47cm


This awning has been specifically designed and is perfect for touring use; it is not designed for seasonal or residential purposes.

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