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Evora 260 Pro Climate

Evora 260 Pro Climate

Evora 260 Pro Climate


Barcode:  5060105569463

A brand new and innovative design for 2018; the ‘Evora Pro Climate’ range has been designed especially for hotter climates and continental use. Crafted with our uniquely designed, exclusive and breathable ‘Pro.Climate’ fabric; this product is truly one of a kind. Comprising of two sizes; 2.6m and 3.9m, these awnings are best-suited for smaller families requiring additional sleeping or living space and are compatible with the accessory zip-on ‘Pro Climate Annexe’, which is both left and right-hand fitting. Utilising the famed ‘Dura-Tech’ welded single point inflation system; these awnings are some of the quickest and most efficient awnings on the market, without the complication of troublesome connecting hoses and taps. The 280cm depth is compatible with all camping & caravan club site pitches, both in the UK and abroad.

Launching in to the continental market; the 2.6m ‘Evora 260 Pro Climate’ caravan awning is the perfect size for any couple or small family holidaying in hotter climates. The breathability of the exceptional fabric helps to reduce internal temperatures and condensation, whilst mesh zip in side-doors keep out those pesky bugs and aid air-flow, along with numerous ventilation points.

The ‘Evora 260 Climate’ comes complete with traditional white sliding curtains for each tinted window, providing additional privacy when necessary, as well as giving the awning a traditional-feel.

Designed specifically for increased breathability; the high-performing ‘Climate’ fabric is superb for use in hotter climates. The unique weave of this highly technical and 100% man-made Polyester fibre fabric gives a luxurious touch, whilst providing unequalled water resistance, durability and strength.

Utilising single point inflation ‘Dura-Tech’ welded air-frame technology; a durable welded air-frame system with high pressure tubes, makes this awning the fastest, most robust and reliable on the market to inflate, without any troublesome connecting hoses and valves. The ‘Dura-Tech’ frame has been quality controlled to ensure high performance and is complete with the outstanding Outdoor Revolution ‘Lifetime Guarantee’* for peace of mind in years to come.

Incorporating ‘Phoenix Mesh’; an assisted-healing ‘smart’ mesh material that has the structurally incorporated ability to repair ‘snag’ damage caused by usage over time. Simply manipulated, the mesh will return to its original form.

An optional annexe can be zipped to either side of this awning to add even more usable sleeping and storage space. The darker roof colour helps to keep the inner tent even darker for a comfortable night’s sleep!

RRP £1,049

Expect to Pay £899

Saving £150

  • Pro.Climate Fabric - A Man-Made Fibre with the Breathability of Polycotton and the Water-Resistance, Durability & Strength of Polyester.

  • Dura-Tech. Oversized 10cm Diameter / 8cm Diameter Welded Frame - With a Single Inflation Point Tube.

  • Lifetime Guarantee - On the 'Oxygen Air-Frame'.

  • Dynamic Speed Valves - The Quickest, Most Reliable & Simplest Inflation Valve on the Market.

  • Intelligent Frame Relief Valve Protection System - Our Exclusive Pressure Relief Valve, Expelling Any Excess Air Above 6PSI.

  • Tinted Windows - To Reduce Glare & Increase Privacy Inside the Awning.

  • TPS Twin Piping System (4mm x 6mm) - For Attachment to Your Caravan or Motorhome.

  • Traditional Sliding Curtains - Leaf Pattern Embossed Curtains for Further Privacy & To Make it Feel More Like a Home from Home.

  • Phoenix Mesh. Doors - Mesh Doors Created From an Assisted-Healing 'Smart' Material which Self-Repairs 'Snag' Damage Caused Over Time.

  • PVC Draught Exclusion - To Maintain a Comfortable Temperature Inside the Awning.

  • PVC Draught Skirt - To Maintain a Comfortable Temperature Inside the Awning.

  • Endurance Storm Straps - For Unequalled Stability and Support During Poorer Weather Conditions.

  • Lumi-Link & Up/Down Lighter Compatible - Providing the Option of Brightening Up Your Awning on Those Darker Days.

  • Zip-Back Front Doors.

  • Zip-Out Left & Right Doors for Annexe.

  • Includes Dual-Action Hand Pump, Lumi-Link/Lumi-Lite Hanging Points & Pegs.

  • WIDTH: 390cm
  • DEPTH: 280cm
  • HEIGHT: 235-250cm
  • WEIGHT: 31.25kg
  • PACK SIZE: 82cm x 58cm x 40cm


This awning has been specifically designed and is perfect for touring use; it is not designed for seasonal or residential purposes.

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