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O-zone Enclosed Canopy

O-zone Enclosed Canopy

O-zone Enclosed Canopy


The O-zone Enclosed Canopy is a must-have optional extra, designed specifically to the O-zone 6.0XTR family air-tent. It allows for the living area of the tents to be extended through a large, functional shelter with protection against the elements. This particular canopy is enclosed to trap warmth inside the living area and help maintain a comfortable temperature, even throughout harsher weather conditions.

The fade-resistant, lightweight 250 High-Density fabric ensures the optimum strength-to-weight ratio, plus provides the longevity and performance of much heavier, denier fabrics; without the impracticalities and constraints of their weight. The engineered Double-Rip Stop weave provides a contemporary look and feel, whilst also preventing accidental damage from worsening.

The expansive PVC Windows included, offer a clear, crisp view of the outdoors from the comfort and convenience of your tent; helping to bring the outdoors - indoors.

It is pitched using a single, tough Fibreglass Pole in order to make assembly a speedy process.

The canopy is complete with a high-quality, robust Tooth-Comb Zip to provide a higher longevity. 


Barcode:  5060105568213

RRP £279

Expect to Pay £239

Saving £40

  • 250HD Double-Rip Stop Endurance Fabric - The Ultimate Strength to Weight Ratio of Any Material.

  • Single Fibreglass Pole - Assembled Using a Single Sturdy Fibreglass Pole.

  • Robust Tooth-Comb Zip - A Larger, More Durable Zip.

  • Fits 'O-zone 6.0XTR' Model.

  • PACK SIZE - 80*29*21CM

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