12V DC Electric Air Pump

The DC 12v Electric Air Pump is designed specifically for inflating air mattresses and inflatable furniture (Campese Furniture), the Outdoor Revolution 12v DC Electric Air pump is a compact low pressure fan air pump that packs enough power to quickly inflate any large volume inflatable camping product

Product Code: ORBK0066

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The reliable 12V Electric Air Pump is a BRAND NEW addition to our accessories range, designed to connect to the DC power supply in your car cigarette lighter socket, in order to efficiently inflate your air mattress on your camping or touring weekends away, but is also perfect when used in conjunction with our NEW 'Campeze' inflatable furniture range. It is also compatible with other low pressure products, such as inflatable dinghies and pool inflatables, but not high pressure products, such as air framed tents. 

Incorporating a pre-set maximum pressure of 0.45PSI, with both inflate and deflate functions, this pump enables you to rapidly and effortlessly set up your sleeping arrangement, upon arrival at the campsite, so that you can kick back and relax! The pump houses a 1.8m internal cable, providing a considerable reach from your vehicle, to avoid having to park too close to your awning or tent.

This accessory comes complete with three car adaptors and nozzles, to cater for almost every air bed, or car cigarette lighter socket on the market. For faster inflation, make sure that you use the appropriate adapter, according to the size of the valve on the corresponding inflatable item.

When using the air pump, please allow it to rest for five minutes between every five minutes of inflation, and every 10 minutes of deflation, to allow the motor to cool down. Do not obstruct the inflation/deflation port and keep them well ventilated, at all times. For further advice and information regarding how to use this product, please download the free instruction manual on our Instruction Manuals page:

Additional Information

• Power 12v DC vehicle cigarette socket

• Max pressure - 18 PSI

• Air Flow: 120l/min

• 1.8m electric power cable with cigarette lighter plug

Weight 230g

Size 12.8cm x 9.8cm x 9.5cm

Certification CE, ROHS, GS

Barcode 5060542052702