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5 in 1 Lumi Fan Lite

The lightweight, compact size and multi-functional capabilities of our portable ‘Lumi-Fan Lite’ makes the intelligent USB rechargeable 5 in 1 LED lite, fan and spotlight a modern day camping essential! This fantastic accessory can be suspended from any of the designated hanging points in your tent or awning using an integral hanging hook, but is also perfect for handheld use, or use on a flat surface. Both the lantern light and spot light incorporate three brightness settings, ranging from a faint night light to a brilliant ceiling light. The fan is directional and can be positioned in almost any way, to suit the user's personal preference, making it ideal for cooling down after a tough day of exploring, this features three speed options. A Powerbank charging port has also been integrated onto this model, allowing you to conveniently charge up any alternative electrical devices.

Expect to pay: £24.99

• 3x level lantern lighting mode - Full-200Lm / 50%-110Lm / 20%-50Lm

• 3x level spot lighting mode - Full-80Lm / 50%-40Lm / 20%-20Lm

• 3x speed cooling fan - High / Med / Low

• Power bank for mobile charging: 4000mAh

• USB charging with USB cable

• 3.7V, 4000mAh Li Battery with built in circuit overcharge protection

• Fold out lantern hanger

• Charging Time: 9 hours

• Lantern Light Working Time: Full: 4.5hrs / 50%: 7hrs / 20%: 12hrs

• Spot Light Working Time: Full :7hrs / 50%: 12hrs / 20%: 24hrs

• Fan Working Time: Full: 4hrs / 50%: 8hrs / 20%: 12hrs

• Certification: CE, ROHS, UKCA

Weight 0.39kg

Size 13.3 x 13.3 x 19.6cm

Compact USB charging LED 5 in 1 Lumi-Fan Lite with directional LED spot lamp and power bank mobile phone charging facility