Due to the ongoing lockdown restrictions in place across most of the world, we are acutely aware that many of our customers who purchased our products earlier this year have not had much chance to actually use them. There have been lots of great stories of people making the best of things and creating personal campsites in their gardens and in some cases even inside their homes, but it is still unclear when restrictions will be lifted to allow us all to get out there and start camping properly again.

Many of you will be concerned that the 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee that we offer on all products is gradually slipping away, and this is undoubtedly causing an unnecessary extra level of stress. For this reason, Outdoor Revolution has taken the decision to extend the warranty by 6 months on all tents and awnings purchased in 2020.

Please make sure to register your product here so we can locate your details in the event of a claim. Proof of purchase will still be required.

We hope that in this difficult time, you will now have one less thing to worry about. 

Take care, and we look forward to seeing lots of pictures of Outdoor Revolution products being used in the great outdoors again soon.