An excellent result at the ‘Camperjam!’ show in Weston Park last weekend, where a pleasant heatwave, extraordinary turnout, plus a profuse of positive feedback and consumer reaction to our driveaway campervan awning range culminated in an abundance of satisfied customers. We would like to express our gratitude for the diligent team over at ‘A&E Leisure’, who worked hard to help us accomplish the terrific result we did. We know those who purchased our products will enjoy them, and we’d love to see photos of them in situ on your future endeavours!

The 3m x 3m square double ripstop Movelite T1 premium lightweight single inflation point drive away air-awning stole the show, stunning the general public with its flexible living/sleeping space, fast pitch time, compact pack size and versatile door panels that enable functionality as a freestanding gazebo in Summer.

The lightweight easy to erect Cayman entry level fibreglass pole and sleeve camper van awning weekender reinforced to consumers as to why it is the perfect partner for a small family on a budget. It demonstrated its suitability for an impromptu short break and those craving additional living/sleeping/storage space from their RV (recreational vehicle), with its array of premium features, typically found on pricier models; comprising crystal clear expansive PVC windows (accompanied by zip in blackout blinds), as well as the easy access granted by its rear cowl access door. The oxygen airframed 3x3m Cayman Air motorhome awning is identical in specification besides this, particularly prospering through its quick pitching one inflation point, exclusive Lifetime Warranty, standalone capability, and bargain price point.

The bestselling ultra-light luxurious Movelite T2 ‘Low’ inflatable drive-away awning retained its reputation as a crowd pleaser through its sheer quantity of premium innovations, including a side door eyebrow mini porch, panoramic tinted blackout anti-glare windows (partnered by zip-in blackout curtains), a widened tunnel area for compatibility with barn style sliding doors, assisted healing ‘smart’ mesh panels enhancing air circulation and its significant show reduction.

The ultra-lightweight single point inflation Cayman Mini Air tall air framed Volkswagen Transporter utility tent/driveaway awning hybrid proved itself to be a customer favourite, ticking all the boxes for a touring family requiring additional living/storage space from their lower motor home; its multi-functional capability as a toilet, shower, dining, pet, cooking or shelter tent, along with its waterproof sewn in groundsheet and plentiful ventilation were noted as key selling points.

The hugely popular Movelite T4 ‘Lowline’ exhibited as to why it is the number one large family air-framed drive-away awning for low vehicles, especially as an awning for VW Transporters i.e. VWT1, VWT2, VWT3, VWT4 and VWT5, subsequent to its flexible living/sleeping space, integral front vestibule, left/right hand drive variations and heavy duty, fade resistant double rip stop weave.

The spacious double rip-stop Movelite T5 Kombi Vario large family drive away motor-home awning left consumers in awe at its sheer innovativeness and functionality, with the variable front security door/porch, value for money, exceptional strength to weight ratio, rapid inflation, on top of the endless features and benefits already offered by its predecessor amongst its most popular features.

The entry-level Cayman Deltair driveaway motor mobile home air awning was very well-received by the public, consequent to the ideal middle ground it provides between the Cayman Air and Cacos Air for the travelling family on a budget, stealing the show with its fiberglass poled front/side eyebrow canopy, generous interior, light weight, cheap price, and superb vista of the outdoors.

Large camping groups admired the Cayman Cacos Air driveaway airframe camper (recreational vehicle) awning weekender, due to the ideal balance between convenience and flexible living/sleeping space it permits, with key purchasing factors stated to be its light-weight, fast pitching, integral panoramic windowed front vestibule and generously discounted show price.

The famed Dynamic Speed Valve remains the quickest, easiest and most reliable inflation valve available, whilst demonstrations of the Intelligent Frame Relief Valve Protection System (exclusive pressure relief valve) provides the confidence we hold in our inflation system to the general public; the two of these valves combined is why can offer an exclusive Lifetime Guarantee* on all ‘Intelligent’ air frames! Consumer reaction to our ‘Lumi-Lighting’ range (and their corresponding Velcro attachment points integrated in our 2018 models) was excellent, of which the ‘Lumi-Link Tube Light Kit’ and ‘Lumi Mosquito Light’ were definitely crowd-pleasers. The addition of Twin Piping (6mm x 4mm) to all driveaways was very well received, with many customers using our drive away range to complement their caravan or motorhome. The 68HD fabric and 250HD double rip-stop weaves were customer favourites, impressing with their water repellence, lightweight, packable and durable properties. Our pack away/foldaway furniture range was highly demanded, with various luxurious folding chairs selling out, including the innovative Hug Chair, Palermo Tex, Vicenza Lux and Sorrento Lounger models. The brand new Premium Camp Bed provides the perfect solution for optimal support and comfort when sleeping in our two berth inner tents, ergonomically designed to fit them. The utility Camp Wardrobe, Kitchen Stand units and flat folding Premium Table remain essentials for the outdoors enthusiast!

Missed us at this one? Don’t miss out on our next regional show, Norfolk Motorhome Show, from 20th-22nd July, where we will have an array of drive away campervan/motorhome awnings and complementary accessories on display, along with some terrific complementary show deals!


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