Great weather, huge turnout, massive discount prices, happy customers, plenty of sales and better than ever consumer reaction to our range of premium inflatable caravan awnings, drive-away awnings and accessories on display; the ‘Cornwall Caravan & Motorhome Show’ was a phenomenal success for both Outdoor Revolution and the team at ‘Campers & Leisure’ who we were supporting. Many thanks to everybody who purchased items at the show – we know you will enjoy them!

The 3m x 3m ‘MoveAirLite Classic’ single inflation point square family drive away awning proved itself to be a customer favourite, prospering through its applicability for a breathable groundsheet, flexible living and sleeping space (and compatible air-framed awning annexe), two available height options, a lightweight double rip-stop fabric and the reliable ‘Oxygen Air Frame’ (utilising the famed ‘Dynamic Speed Valve’, the patented ‘Pressure Relief Valve’ and our exclusive ‘Lifetime Guarantee’)! 

The entry-level pole and sleeve ‘Movelite Cayman’ lightweight weekender was a big hit, impressing consumers with its contemporary hex-print fabric, cheap show price, tough fibreglass poles, convenient rear cowl access doors and sewn-in groundsheet; the best-selling driveaway awning of 2016 returns as the ultimate touring awning to meet your budget…the blow-up ‘Movelite Cayman Air’ was equally well received, providing an airframe for the UK’s best loved pole and sleeve motorhome awning!

Consumer feedback to the adaptable ‘Movelite T2’ small camper van air awning was superb, with the tough double ripstop fabric, lightweight properties, 3 available sizes (‘Low’ as an awning for lower camper vans e.g. VWT2, VWT3, VWT4, VWT5; ‘Mid’ and ‘High’ for coach built/van based vehicles i.e. Boxer Based Peugeots etc.), air framed side-door rain canopy and the reliable ‘Oxygen Air-Frame’ being particularly well-received; the public witnessed why this is the UK’s best and most original drive-away of its kind!

The perfect large family motorhome-awning for short breaks which looks good on any van; the visually-striking ‘Movelite T4’ inflatable drive away awning was popular amongst consumers, leaving them in awe at its three cowl height options (‘Lowline’ for lower vehicles i.e. VW Transporters, ‘Midline’ and ‘Highline’ for taller motorhomes e.g. Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Vito, Mazda Bongo etc.), integral porch, hard wearing double rip stop fabric, flexible living/sleeping space, all topped off by the exclusive ‘Oxygen Air-Frame’!

Customers loved the ‘Movelite T5 Kombi Flex’ freestanding family campervan air-awning, astounding customers through its flexible living/sleeping space (and compatible sun/rain canopy), heavy duty double rip stop fabric, moveable front door panel, a broad range of optional extras and the exclusive ‘Oxygen Air-Frame’; the best selling blow up family RV awning of 2016 just got better!

‘A conservatory for the side of your caravan’; the all season single-inflation-point ‘Esprit 420 Pro’ inflatable family caravan awning was highly regarded by the public as a result of its premium traditional-feel fabric, 4.2m wide living area (and compatible air-framed awning annexe), panoramic tinted windows, the easy to erect ‘Oxygen Airframe’ and a stunning contemporary finish. The two-panelled, 600HD ‘Esprit 360’ was also highly sought after, with plenty of takers!

The four-metre single inflation point ‘Sport-Air 400’ family lightweight caravan air-awning was a crowd pleaser, blowing customers away with its durable double rip-stop fabric, vast interior (and compatible blow-up annexe), expansive PVC windows and the quick inflating ‘Oxygen Air Frame’; this caravanning awning offers practicality, good looks and a reliability to meet your budget!

Our deepest, most functional and adaptable awning to date; the traditional-feel ‘Europa 380’ family touring caravan-awning amazed the public with its versatile living and sleeping space, quality traditional feel fabric, spacious living area and the fast inflating ‘Oxygen Air-Frame’.

The best choice for short-breaks/touring due to its speed, simplicity and elegance; the best selling single air beam ‘Elan 280’ compact caravan weekender air framed porch awning stole the show, leaving customers stunned at its resilient traditional feel fabric, ultra-lightweight properties, ergonomic living area, bargain price and easy to erect ‘Oxygen Air Frame’.

The famed ‘Dynamic Speed Valve’ lived up to its reputation as the fastest, easiest inflation valve on the market, whilst demonstrations of the reliable ‘Intelligent Frame Relief Valve’ (our exclusive pressure relief valve) provides the confidence we hold, to our customers; the two of these valves combined is why we’re able to offer our exclusive ‘Lifetime Guarantee’ on our air-frames!

Both our traditional-feel fabric range and lightweight fabric range were especially popular, with the 800HD and 250HD being customer favourites; our luxurious lightweight folding chairs were very highly regarded, clearing an excellent number of units in little to no time!

If you missed this show, visit ‘The Norfolk Motorhome Show’ at Norfolk Showground, Dereham Road, Costessey, Norwich, NR5 0TT from 21st – 23rd July, where a variety of our best-selling drive away awnings will be on display, to find out why our drive away awning range is unrivalled for 2017!