This Weekend both Glossop Caravans and Camping International had stands at the Peterborough National Motor-home Show.

Camping International told us that their biggest seller over the weekend was the Oxygen Movelite 3, a brand new blow up awning for 2014. This caravan, campervan or motorhome awning is very versatile due to its quick and easy inflation. Using 3 Oxygen air frames, the most robust air frames on the market, for added stability and decreased weight.

The Oxygen Air Frames on the Oxygen Movelite 3 feature theDynamic Speed Valve (DSV), this valve has been taken directly from the Marine Industry used in Lifeboats and Kayaks, etc. The quickest, easiest and most reliable valve on the market. Inflation is a speedy process using a double action pump and deflation is the push of a button.

The Movelite Oxygen 3 also uses the 150 Denier Double Ripstop fabric; the optimum lightweight for strength ratio material. Double Ripstop is a reinforcement technique that makes the fabric incredibly resistant to accidental rips and tears whilst massively reducing the chance of a tear or rip spreading.

Glossop, on the other hand, told us their biggest seller was the Smaller version, the Oxygen movelite 2, very similar to the Oxygen Movelite 2 int he featues, benefits and technologies (infaltable etc.), however it is smaller in size and only has 2 Oxygen AIr Frames. 

Like the Oxygen Movelite 3, the Movelite 2 also has lightly coloured material; this allows light to pass through it making inside the awning light and airy. The material also reflects the suns heat, this allows for a cooler environment within the awning which you would not get with a black material which would create a stuffy, uncomfortably hot environment inside the awning.

Another factor used in both the Oxygen movelite 2 and 3, which leads to a calm and comfortable environment in the awning, is the ‘Tints’ tinted window that allows light into the awning but reduces glare whilst adding a contemporary feel. Condensation, which is impossible to eradicate completely and occurs in all awnings, is eased and reduced with the inclusion of the ‘Vortex Ventilation System’, this gives air more chance to escape and therefore reduce condensation. Both models are reated with ‘Sun-Pro UV’, a protection technique that protects the material against the harmful rays of the sun that can fade and wear fabrics. ‘Sun-Pro UV can help a fabric last up to 3 times longer than an untreated product. 


The image below is an image of the Camping Internation stand at the show, the Outdoor revolution Inflatable awnings looking sharp: