Outdoor Revolution recently met with Warners Group Publications editor Val and Photographer Rich to put the blow up Oxygen Speed Porchlite to the test! Warners Group Publications run a whole host of caravan magazines including Caravan Magazine, Caravan Buyer and Which Caravan.

Outdoor Revolution Lightweight Awning's Marketing and Sales Director Phil Haynes, went to meet Val and Richard on a lovely caravan site in Lincolnshire where they tested the Oxygen Porchlite.

Val, an editor for the Caravan magazines, was firstly impressed by the ease of erection of the awning which took her 20 pumps and 30 seconds to inflate, and then very little time to add thecarbon roof pole and peg the awning out. Overall it took Val 14 minutes from start to finish, including attaching the awning to the rail and pegging the awning out; impressive for a first time!

The awning is lightweight yet strong and durable because of the 150 denier double ripstop fabric; ripstop is a technique used to reinforce the fabric making it incredibly resistant to accidental rips or tears.

The Oxygen Porchlie weighs 12.5 kg and features the Dynamic Speed Valve (DSV), the quickest, easiest and most reliable valve on the market as used in the Marine Industry on Kayaks, Dinghies and Lifeboats. Inflation of the Oxygen Air frame is a speedy process using a double action pump and deflation is just the push of a button! This really impressed Val, who was very excited by the speed at taking down the awning, she did it in 2.5 minutes!

The colour of the awning also persuaded Val that this awning was ideal; the light grey allows light to pass through, making the inside of the awning very light and airy creating a comfortable and pleasant environment within. The light grey material also reflects the heat meaning the inside of the awning is as cool as possible and again comfortable when compared to a darker material which can create an unbearably hot environment inside the awning on sunny days.

Val thought the Oxygen porchlite was absolutely fantastic!