Yesterday, Outdoor Revolution got a message on Facebook requesting help putting an awning back into the bag. To this man's amazement, Outdoor Revolutions Sales and Marketing Manager, Phi Haynes, drove straight to him to show him the perfect technique when packing awnings away in to the bag!


The  man, James Wilcock, has an Oxygen Speed 2 lightweight Air Frame awning and was delighted with the speed of erection and the ease of blowing the awning up. Infact he admitted he loved the product all round, however, could not get it to fit in the bag!!  When Phil arrived at his door, he was over the moon!

The procedure is outined below:


From here, straighten out the awning as much as possible, the easiest way is for 2 people to grab the awning by the storm strap tethers and swing the awning canvas on to it's roof


Once square, fold the awning into thirds


Use the bagged poles as a guide for the correct width.


Have the bag ready at the end you will be rolling towards.


Roll the awning towards the 'open' air valve.



Keep rolling and apply downward pressure to ensure everything is neat.Ensure you keep rolling and tuck in any loose ends...then wrap your arms around the awning to lift and place into bag.....some people 'contain' the canvas roll by tying a couple of lengths of ribbon, or bungie cord



Put the canvas in to the bag, and zip up, ensuring you do not catch the fabric in the zips



And this is James, very thankful of Phils time and happy knowing he can now successfully pack away his awning, neatly, quickly and easily!, Thank you for the photos James, Enjoy your awning!