Team Baileys Classic Race Team are excited ahead of their May-Day Race at Donnington.. Headed by Jonathan Lewis, the Team Bailey Classic Race Team had a practice session on Saturday at Silverstone, and Jonathan Lewis spoke of his chances, "this weekend at Silverstone proved what I thought it would, we can compete with anyone, I expect us to win on Monday, we have the best car, the best drivers and the best engine. It will be a great fun day out for spectators and drivers alike!" When asked about the teams air frame caravan, Oxygen Speed 3 Awning, Jonathan Lewis responded, " The awning is the quickest and easiest awning and blow up awning I have ever seen, it literally takes me 15 minuets to put it up! and way less to take down, it really is on another level to its competition. Along with the speed and ease of use, the best feature for me is the fabric, it is incredibly light but very hard wearing, and creates a very light airy environment within." We would like to wish team Bailey Classic all the best for Monday!