This Bank Holiday weekend Team Bailey Competed at Donington Race Course; in the Classic Mini Championships. After weeks of practicing on the circuit, team captain, Jonathan Lewis, was incredibly optimistic of his teams chances!

The weekend kicked off in an incredibly positive manner, with Lewis going for the win almost the entirety of the race until on the last lap, he hit another racer and failed to finish, damaging his car and championship hopes.

His mechanic stayed up until 1 AM that evening in a bid to get the car back on the track for the race on the Sunday. His efforts were rewarded on the Sunday when the classic mini was just about fit to race, and Lewis again, took the track by storm, finishing an impressive third even though the little Mini was clearly not happy; and amazing achievement.

Team Bailey now have a race on their hands to get the car firing on all cylinders by this weekend when they compete at Brands Hatch and set off tomorrow evening! The clock is very much against them!

Once again, congratulations on your 3rd place! good luck Team Bailey!