Ozone 6.0XTRV Mesh Door

This optional extra breathable Mesh Door ventilation insect screen panel is designed for those campers who typically go touring around warmer climates or continents, where breathability is considered a prerequisite, helping to reduce internal temperatures, optimise air circulation and keep creepy crawlies at bay! Built using our exclusive Phoenix Mesh; an assisted-healing ‘smart’ fabric, this door simply zips into either the front or central panel of your Ozone 6.0XTRV.

Key Features

Expect to Pay £99.99

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These panels replace doors/windows with expansive mesh fly screen panels, each of which have been produced from our exclusive Phoenix Mesh; an assisted-healing ‘smart’ material, with the structurally incorporated ability to self-repair any ‘snag’ damage caused by consistent usage over time. Once manipulated, the mesh will then return to its original form. 

Additional Information

  • Coordinated Canvas Material to match the O-Zone XTRV
  • Expansive Mesh Panels Replacing Windows & Doors.
  • Produced From An Assisted-Healing 'Smart' Mesh.
  • Robust Tooth Comb Zip.
  • Helps to Maintain Optimal Air Circulation & An Airy Internal Space.
  • Reduces Internal Temperatures, Condensation & Humidity.
  • Keeps Insects At Bay.
  • Perfect for Those Camping in Warmer Climates or Continents.


Product Code ORBK8020

Barcode 5060542052108