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Butane Propane (Mix) 450g Screw Fitting Gas Cannister

Outdoor Revolution’s Butane & Propane Gas Canisters use a superior blend of Butane and Propane gases that performs exceptionally well under normal conditions, however it can be used effectively colder conditions,  and at high altitude. The gas canister has a re-sealable screw attachment that works with a multitude of gas appliances and is essential in running our own Twin Burner Gas Stove. 

Expect to pay: £6.99

• Gas Mix: Butane 45%, Iso-Butane 29%, Propane 26%

• Instructions translation in 8 different languages

• Fitting: Screw type and Re-sealable

• Certification: EN417 APRAGAZ NICA

Weight 450g

Size 10 x 10 x 15.3cm

Connection: Screw attachment, used in an upright position

Certificate(standardization): DOT 2P / UL listed / K-mark approval / EN417(π mark) certified by APRAGAZ

Welding: Braze welding seams

We recommend using our own Butane Propane (Mix) Canister - Code GAS2130, for a perfect performance and suitable with our Twin Burner Gas Stove and Grill – COOK2105