Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find my nearest stockist or display models?
Visit the WHERE TO BUY section on the Outdoor Revolution Website. We recommend calling the retailer before visiting them to make sure they have our products on display, as we have no control over what each individual stockist chooses to display, at any given time. Alternatively, you can select the "Where Can I Buy" button on the product page you are interested in and simply input your postcode to locate your nearest retailer.
Why is the roof of my caravan awning, drive away awning or family tent wet in a morning; is it leaking?
This could be condensation. Condensation is a natural occurrence, which is caused by changes in the ambient temperature or a lack of ventilation, allowing moisture to gather on the inside; this is a natural process and cannot be prevented. You can reduce condensation by keeping any window, doors and ventilation points open, where possible, in warmer weather conditions and zipping in any mesh fly screen panels in cooler temperatures. 
What pegs have been supplied with my Outdoor Revolution product?
The pegs supplied are standard steel ground pegs. We suggest purchasing some Hard Ground Pegs to make securing our caravan awnings, drive away awnings and family tents easier than ever.
Do Blue Diamond Products & Outdoor Revolution sell directly to the public?
No, both companies are business to business wholesalers. We sell through a network of reputable stockists/retailers, which you can view here.
Are Outdoor Revolution's caravan awnings, drive away awnings or family tents suitable for seasonal pitch?
Outdoor Revolution products have been designed especially for regular touring use, of usually around two weeks, and should not be erected for extended durations. 
Why can't I locate my product on the website?
We create BRAND NEW products each year, as well as continuously improving our re-running products. Outdoor Revolution remove products from the website, as soon as we run out of stock and receive confirmation that we are not ordering any more of the item. You may still be able to purchase the product you are browsing for through one of our retailers. Please note that we consistently retain any Oxygen Air Frame tube bladders with a Lifetime Guarantee for the foreseeable future and spare fibreglass/steel poles for up to three years.     
Will my accessories for an older model fit newer variation?
This depends on the accessories in question and the product you are attempting to use it for. Please always check with the team or our knowledgable retail partners before committing to a purchase if you are uncertain as to whether it is compatible. 
Where can I view Outdoor Revolution products?
Unfortunately, we do not have a showroom, which means that your best options for viewing our caravan awnings, drive away awnings, family tents and camping accessories first hand is to visit one of our upcoming trade exhibitions or one of your local stockists. Call a retailer near you, using their contact telephone, which can be found using our POSTCODE LOOKUP. Please FOLLOW our FacebookTwitter and Instagram page to receive updates surrounding this as we receive them ourselves! 
Do you retail outside of the UK?
As we are the manufacturer, we do not sell directly to the public regardless, however, we sell a number of our products to international distributors Reimo (covering Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France and Holland), DCT (for Norway, Denmark, Sweden or Finland), Camper Ackcesoria (Poland), East International (South Korea) and Jurgens Campworld (South Africa). Please see their respective websites for more information.
Why are the majority of your groundsheets sewn-in?
Sewn-in groundsheets are slowly becoming the norm; this is due to the unparalleled protection they provide against chilly draughts, creepy crawlies and water ingression, as well as the added convenience during the erection process. 
What steps should I take to keep my caravan awning, drive away awning or family tent in good condition?
Your unit should be kept dry when placed into storage to avoid mould or mildew build up. Any bird droppings should be dealt with immediately. We suggest avoiding pitching your tents for extended periods in warmer climates. After a number of uses, we recommend using an Awning Re-Proofer to maintain the waterproofing of the seams, we well as regularly using an Awning Cleaner to maintain an immaculate condition of the canvas material.
How do I know if my product is suitable for my desired pitch?
It very much depends on rules of the site you are visiting; a site may request a breathable groundsheet or have specific dimension constraints that you cannot exceed. Please examine the Key Features and Technical Specification, as well as examining the criteria for the site you are planning to visit and compare it against this information. Please contact our customer services team at for further information if you cannot locate your product.
Are Outdoor Revolution caravan awnings, drive away awnings and family tents waterproof?
Each product from our current range is waterproof, meaning it has a Hydrostatic Head rating of 3,000mm². Our latest canvas materials range from 3,000mm² to 6,000mm². Please visit Fabrics Explained for further information. 
What are the benefits of having Twin Piping (6mm x 4mm) on my caravan awning, drive away awning or motorhome awning?
This is to add further flexibility for those who enjoy touring in a caravan, campervan or motorhome, allowing you to attach the awning to any of the mentioned vehicle types, as long as they fall within the corresponding height range.
Do your products include an Electrical Hook-Up Point?
Most of our drive away awnings and family tents feature an electrical hook-up point, in the form of a luminous zip, which can be zipped/unzipped to conveniently thread any cables from the mains power supply, directly to the internal space of your campervan awning, motorhome awning or family tent.
Will my Universal Two Berth Inner Tent Accommodate a Double Air Bed?
Although we cannot guarantee that every double air mattress on the market will be compatible, we have designed the Two Berth Inner Tent to accommodate two average adults, or to house a double air bed.
What should I do if I receive an error message on the Jet Stream Electric Pump?
In the unlikely event of an error message appearing on the screen of the Jet Stream Electric Pump; please follow these simple instructions to resolve the issue:

pdf-file Jet Stream Electric Pump Reset.pdf

What does the HDE in our fabrics refer to?
This represents High Density Endurance, which refers to the density of our fabrics, rather than measuring the thickness of them in denier. For more information surrounding our intricate fabric weaves, including their construction, please visit our 'Fabrics Explained' webpage.
What is Revolution 100?
Revolution 100 is an exclusive feature to Outdoor Revolution, in which every hundredth person to register the Lifetime Guarantee on their Oxygen Air Frame, and chooses to enter this ongoing competition feature, becomes eligible £100 cashback on the registered purchase. You can enter this from the Warranty Registration form. Please note that by entering, you are subscribing to our free e-newsletter, which you can opt-out of at any given time. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOW CLOSED AND YOU CAN NO LONGER ENTER.


How can we reduce condensation?
We suggest keeping any windows panels, door panels and ventilation points open, wherever possible. During cooler weather conditions, we advise keeping any insect fly screen panels zipped-in, rather than the solid alternatives, to help maintain an optimal through flow of air.
How should I resolve any persistent weeps?
We propose using a reputable seam sealant.
How can I keep my caravan awning, drive away awning or family tent clean whilst in use?
We suggest siting the product on clear ground, with no sharp objects beneath and zips fully enclosed. We recommend placing a Stone Protection Footprint underneath it to keep the sewn-in groundsheet clean.
Should I pack away my caravan awning, drive away awning or family tent immediately after usage?
No; we always recommend airing the product first, before packing away, to prevent mildew and mould from developing.
How should our caravan awnings, drive away awnings or family tents be stored?
They should be stored dry, in a cool, dark location, facing the correct way up; never on the side of the bag, to avoid having a detrimental impact on the Oxygen Air Frame
How should I remove any dirt or stains from my product?
The safest option to remove any dirt/stains would be to brush, or gently wash, the affected area using warm water. DO NOT use bleach/detergents under any circumstances.
What should my repair kit include?
Your inclusive repair kit should include: a valve tightening tool, a self-adhesive puncture patch, relevant fabric swatches (for outer tent fabrics, PVC windows, polyester mesh fly screen panels, groundsheets and inner tent fabrics), spare guyline(s) and pegging points/straps.Please note that it will only contain these items if they are applicable to the product you have purchased.
Can I use Outdoor Revolution Awnings/Tents on a Seasonal Pitch?
No; Outdoor Revolution make the very best touring/occasional use products; we do not produce products with the intended purpose of being erected for prolonged periods, i.e., in use for months on end or all season. Any products that are damaged through being seasonally pitched, or their owners leave the awning unattended for extended periods, will have their warranty invalidated, as this is not their intended use.
How do I change my Oxygen Air Frame Tube(s)/Bladder(s)?
Unzip the relevant tube, unscrew the valve and remove the internal bladder, before positioning the functional bladder inside the open sleeve; this process is much simpler if you have one person hold the sleeve open, whilst the other positions the bladder. Once the functional bladder is inside the sleeve, then zip this back up and Velcro it back into place inside your caravan awning, drive away awning or family tent. Watch a comprehensive demonstration on YouTube for more information. If you are experiencing trouble with our single inflation point frames; please contact the head office and we will assist you in any way we are able to.
How do I repair the Oxygen Air Frame and any materials found on an Outdoor Revolution product?
A repair kit has been provided with our premium caravan awnings, drive away awnings and family tents, which includes a fabric swatch for your canvas, inner tent, polyester mesh panels, PE groundsheet and curtains. A self adhesive puncture repair kit (on inflatable products) is included to patch up any leaks in the internal Oxygen Air Frame Bladder, until you arrive home home from your holiday to determine a more permanent solution. A spare guyline and multiple pegging points have been included, should you misplace or break any of these. A valve extractor tool (on inflatable products featuring a DSV or IFV) is also supplied to allow you to loosen or tighten any loose valves.
How do I treat mould/mildew on my caravan awning, drive away awning and family tent?
The best solution is to keep the mould and mildew as dry as possible. We recommend using Milton's Baby Sterilizing Fluid, diluting the product and sponging down the affected area; this may not remove the mould completetly, but it will prevent it from spreading and smelling.
How do I repair my fibreglass poles?
Each pole is constructed from fibreglass sections and internal shock cord, which runs through each section and is knotted at either end. The easiest and safest method would be to ask a member of the O.R. team whether we have any spare poles for your particular model or fill out our Spares Request Form. To repair the poles, simply cut the knot off on one end of the elastic, compare the length of the old pole to the new pole and cut the new pole to size (we recommend using a hacksaw), sand the top of the pole to remove any splinters, then sand the edges to a cone shape until smooth, thread the elastic through the two poles, knot it and voila! We recommend watching a more detailed guide for this on YouTube, which there is an abundance of!
How do I reproof my caravan awinng, drive away awning or family tent?
If you don't already own some, we recommend purchasing some Awning Cleaner and following the instructions provided, before purchasing some Awning Reproofer to do the same. These products should be available for purchase from any reputable outdoors retailer. More information can be found on the Blue Diamond website. We suggest cleaning the awning as regularly as possible and reproofing once a year, should you feel it is necessary.
How do I tighten my Dynamic Speed Valve or Intelligent Frame Relief Valve?
Latch the relevant side of the Air Mate Tool onto the valve and begin twisting clockwise to tighten it, or anti-clockwise to loosen it when replacing valves.

Oxygen Air Frame

How does the Oxygen Air Frame System work?
Our inflation system comprises a series of individual/interconnected High Pressure Oxygen Air Frame Tubes, the famed Dynamic Speed Valve and the patented Intelligent Frame Relief Valve. This is the quickest, simplest and most reliable inflation system on the market. Watch our inflation system in action here: Inflation System Demonstration.
How does the Dynamic Speed Valve work?
Inflation: Make sure the centre button is in the outwards position to close the valve and prevent any pressure from being lost following inflation; clicking it a few times should help you to understand which position we are referring to. Insert the pump nozzle into the valve and begin to inflate the tube. Deflation: Push the button back in, opening the valve, allowing you to effortless expel any excess air, making the disassembling of your product a breeze. Be sure to leave this valve open when packing the product away to ensure that all pressure is released, making it much simpler to get back into the bag. Close the valve back up when you wish to reinflate it! Watch this comprehensive video demonstration: Dynamic Speed Valve
How does the Intelligent Frame Relief Valve work?
The Intelligent Frame Relief Valve is a patented pressure relief valve, which prevents our Oxygen Air Frame Tubes from overinflation, through expelling any excess air above 6PSI, meaning you do not have to concern yoursellf with monitoring pressure whilst inlfating; should you continue inflating, any excess air will be released and you should hear a 'hissing' sound. If there is any sudden changes in the ambient temperature, causing the the tube to expand, the valve will release the excess air. Watch this comprehensive video demonstration: Intelligent Frame Relief Valve
Are our inflatable products suitable for use in temperatures below freezing?
Although Outdoor Revolution products have been designed to withstand the Great British weather, we cannot condone erecting our products in temperatures below freezing, as this can cause cracking of the Oxygen Air Frame on our inflatable products.
Does every inflatable caravan awning, drive away awning and family tent have a Lifetime Guarantee?
No; the combination of the Dynamic Speed Valve AND Intelligent Frame Relief Valve is what gives us the confidence to provide this extended warranty, therefore only products possessing both of these valves carry this guarantee. Please check the Key Features of a product for this information before committing to any purchases.
What is the best technique for inflation through a Boston Valve?
We suggest securely inserting the Dual Action Hand Pump nozzle into the Boston Valve, beginning to inflate the Oxygen Air Frame, then swiftly sealing the valve before it has chance to release any air; this is much easier with two people, with one person to hold the nozzle in place and shut the valve, whilst the other one inflates.
What PSI should we inflate each Oxygen Air Frame Tube to?
We suggest inflating each tube anywhere between 4PSI to 6PSI, making sure each high pressure air beam is firmly inflated, whilst allowing some room inside for air to expand, in case of sudden changes in the ambient temperature.
What pumps do we suggest for optimal performance with the Oxygen Air Frame?
The Dual Action Hand Pump included with each of our products is designed especially for the Oxygen Air Frame and is perfect for fulfilling this purpose. If you are struggling with the manual inflation of your caravan awning, drive away awning or family tent, we suggest purchasing a Jet Stream Electric Pump or Jet Stream Electric Pump Twin to take the strain off your arms.
How long does each Oxygen Air Frame Tube take to inflate?
This varies dependent on the person inflating, however, each tube generally takes under two minutes.
What course of action should I take if my Oxygen Air Frame becomes punctured?
In the unlikely event of a punctured Oxygen Air Frame; please use the adhesive swatch found in the inclusive repair kit to cover the affected area as a temporary resolution. If you are covered under the Lifetime Guarantee, then please contact the team on, with an attached proof of purchase and image of the affected area, upon arriving home from your camping holiday, to evaluate a more permanent solution.
Why does my Oxygen Air Frame appear to lose pressure at a gradual rate over a few hours/days?
Sometimes the Dynamic Speed Valve and Intelligent Frame Relief Valve can become loose in transit, therefore please use the valve tightening tool included in the repair kit to tighten these. Should the problem persist following these measures, then please inspect the bladder in question for any slow punctures.


What does the twelve month warranty cover?
The warranty covers workmanship and fabric/components only. Any faults found within six months of purchase will be investigated by Outdoor Revolution. Faults found outside of the initial six months of purchase will need to be proven by you, the purchaser, in line with current consumer legislation after the short term right to reject has ended. See the full warranty terms and conditions in the instruction booklet.
What does the LIFETIME GUARANTEE cover?
Some Outdoor Revolution Air Products include LIFETIME GUARANTEE* on the internal bladders; this covers any manufacturing faults on the inner tubes. View the LIFETIME GUARANTEE Terms and Conditions here.
Are poles covered under the warranty?
No; poles are not covered under the warranty.
What should I do if I have a warranty claim?
In the unlikely event that you have a warranty claim, please take your product back to the retailer you purchased it from (with your receipt/payment record) and they will examine the fault and advise the next course of action. If the awning was bought online, the same rule applies. As a distant seller, the retailer is responsible for arranging collection of your awning, please speak to them as to their returns policy – don't contact Outdoor Revolution directly as we will only redirect you back to the retailer you purchased the awning from. If however it is not possible to get in touch with the retailer we will oblige and see what we can do to help.
What sort of eventualities do our warranties cover?
The warranty covers manufacturing faults/imperfections and does not cover: storm damage, accidental damage, product misuse, incorrect pitching, general wear caused by frequent usage over an extended period, use in severe weather conditions, damage caused by incorrect maintenance, lost eyelets, collateral damage from pole breakage, consequential damage, condensation and broken zips caused by excessive tension. Read the Lifetime Guarantee Terms & Conditions and Twelve Month Terms & Conditions for more information.

Lightweight Caravan Awnings FAQ's

Are Rear Pad Poles included with our caravan awnings?
The Rear Pad Poles are an optional extra to allow a snugger fit of our caravan awnings against the vehicle and are not included with the product.
Where can I buy replacement spare frames for any caravan awnings?
Spare poles and bladders are available by request for each of our products for periods of up to three years: email our customer service team at with your request and they will quote you on stock availability and a price as soon as possible. If you cannot locate the frame you are looking for, then please browse, who we supply many of our older frames to. Please note that we will retain stock of the Oxygen Air Frames which incorporate our Lifetime Guarantee for the foreseeable future.
What height range do these caravan awnings accommodate?
Our entire caravan awning collection has been designed to fit caravan gutter rails, with a height of 235cm-250cm on the awning spectrum. Unfortunately caravan awnings have a fairly tight fit and there is not much leeway at either side of this height range.
Is there an available annexe for the CompactAirLite range?
Although the original cocoordinated annexe stocks have been depleted, we are able to suggest the E-Sport Annexe, which will provide the same fit, however, does not feature a coordinated colourway.
Do you sell any caravan awnings suitable for continental use and warmer temperatures?
Yes. the Evora 260 Pro Climate and Evora 390 Pro Climate size options are created from our breathable Pro Climate material; a high-performing man made fibre, which we have designed to perfectly fuse the water-resistance and technical properties of polyester, with the comfort of natural fibres and the breathability of polycotton! This material aids in reducing internal temperatures, condensation and humidity, along with with the mesh panels integrated into the front panels, side doors and ventilation points.
Do we manufacture caravan awnings for lower caravans, such as an Eriba?
These caravans fall below the standard height range of our caravan awnings, however due to the addition of Twin Piping, any Lowline Drive Away Awnings can be attached to an Eriba caravan, including the Movelite collection.
Will my caravan awning accommodate an annexe extension?
Most of our caravan awnings can accommodate a left/right hand fitting annexe, with the exception of our porch awnings, which include the: Elan 280, Elan 340, Porchlite 200, Porchlite 260, Porchlite 200 Air, Porchlite 260 Air and Porchlite 260 Air L. Please note that each range has a designated annexe and these are not suitable for use with other products within the collection.
Do our caravan awnings include a draught skirt and mud wall?
Yes! Each caravan awning in our range includes both of these features, however, please note that the caravan wheel arch cover is not included; this would be an optional extra, which is available from Blue Diamond.
Do we manufacture any fixed/static motorhome awnings?
Yes; the E-Sport Air 325 L/XL, Eclipse Pro 380 L/XL & Porchlite 260 Air L are 'true' motorhome awnings.

Driveaway Awnings

What determines which drive away awning height option is right for my vehicle?
The main consideration for which awning to purchase is the height of your awning rail, wind out awning or the roof of the vehicle that you intend to attach the awning to. Please note that when looking at vehicle heights, bear in mind that manufacturers' literature states the overall height of the vehicle, including skylights or aerials, not the roof height or rail height. Outdoor Revolution awnings specify the heights the awning can accommodate. Please browse the Drive Away Awnings on our website for more information. Simply measure from the ground to the vehicle roof or awning rail; this will tell you which awning to choose. Look out for wider awnings, should you wish to open sliding doors inside the awning tunnel, but remember not to go too wide, as the tunnel would be too wide for your vehicle. This is a very rare scenario, but a key consideration nevertheless.
Does the Movelite range come with mesh fly screens?
The whole range includes one or two mesh ventilation fly screen(s), dependent on which model you are looking at.
Do Outdoor Revolution supply pole and sleeve frame options for our drive away awnings?
Yes; our Cayman, Turismo and Outhouse collections utilize fibreglass poles, as opposed to our Oxygen Air Frame System.
How do I attach my drive away awning to my vehicle?
This is highly dependent on what fixing options your vehicle has, see the list below and options available. We recommend that you speak to your chosen stockist for expert advice.


Rain Gutter - Simply buy a figure of eight fixing strip or the pole and clamp system

Fiamma/Omnistor Wind-Out Awning – Simply buy a Fiamma/Omnistor drive away fixing kit

Awning Channel - Simply buy a large drive away fixing kit. Check out our video for a demonstration.

No Fixing At All? – Simply use the straps provided to throw over the roof and peg them out on the other side of your vehicle.

Have a look at the following video to demonstrate how to use a drive away fixing kit: Drive Away Fixing Kit

How do I attach a drive away awning to a vehicle with a pop top roof?
We suggest installing an awning rail on your vehicle to attach this to using our Drive Away Fixing Kit. Failing this, you can throw over storm straps at each side of the 'wedge', before pegging them down at the other side, as a temporary means of fixing the drive away awning.
How does the drive away process work?
To drive away, simply unthread the fiamma from the awning gutter rail, roll up any excess tunnel fabric, tuck neatly away in the black loops on top of the awning side of the tunnel and stabilise it using our storm straps to grant freestanding capabilities.
Do we sell any drive away awnings suitable for continental use or hotter temperatures?
Unfortunately not at this given moment in time. Keep an eye on our latest collection; it may be something we look into in the near future.
Do we manufacture drive away awnings for rear door access vehicles?
Yes; the Cayman Tail and Movelite T1 Tail have been designed especially for this purpose.
Do we manufacture drive away awnings for campervans, van conversions and motorhomes?
Yes; please refer to the Lowline (campervan), Midline (motorhome) & Highline (motorhome) wording on the drive away awning to determine which vehicles it is able to accommodate.
Can our drive away awnings accommodate any bedroom extensions?
Selected drive away awnings are able to accommodate the optional Two Berth Inner Tent or Four Berth Inner Tent for sleeping any unexpected overnight guests. Please examine the optional extras of the product you are interested in to determine whether your model can be used for this purpose.
Why is there excess tunnel fabric around my tunnel area?
The height range for each product is fairly broad, therefore if your vehicle falls at the lower side of the spectrum, you will inevitably have a little excess tunnel fabric. This can be rolled up and tied back in the corresponding black loops to avoid water pooling around this area.
What is a Drive-Up Awning?
A Drive-Up Awning is a small freestanding utility awning, which has been designed to provide a sheltered commune between two campervans. Please see our Cayman Pursuit for more information.

Family Tents

Do Outdoor Revolution manufacture any pole and sleeve family tents?
Unfortunately not at this moment in time.
How do you pack away our family tents?
Please watch this video to watch the team demonstrate the most efficient method for this.
What is the Double Side Annexe
The Double Side Annexe is an multi-purpose annexe, which was commended for 'Best Tent Innovation' by Camping Magazine and can function as a double-width side access point, two-berth bedroom (using the Optional Side Extension Inner Tent) or flexible utility storage space. This can be found on the: Airedale 7.0SE and Kalahari PC 7.0.
What are 'Twilight' Inner Tents?
Outdoor Revolution's 'Twilight Grey' bedrooms are an exclusive feature found on selected family tents, which are 70% darker than our previous bedrooms, helping the user fall into a deep, cosy and uninterrupted sleep by nature.
Are our family tents suitable to pitch for extended durations?
Our family tents have been designed for normal holiday use, of around two to three weeks and are not suitable for prolonged usage.
Are the canopy extensions for my family tent cross compatible with other models?
Unfortunately not, each canopy extension has been designed specifically to accommodate one product.
Do we manufacture any tents suitable for backpacking?
Although we do not manufacture a 'true' backpacking tent, the Flex weighs just under four kilograms, making it an ideal companion for backpacking and independent exploration.
What is the Polyester/Cotton ratio of the Polycotton material?
65% Polyester & 35% Cotton.
Does my family tent require weathering?
Our polyester family tents employ fully taped seams throughout and do not require any sort of weathering. We do advise weathering the polycotton material found on the Mojave PC 5.0, Atacama PC 6.0 and Kalahari PC 7.0 family tents, however, to allow the material to tighten and the thread to swell. This is the process of allowing the family tent to become completely soaked, then fully dried, around two to three times.
Which family tents are the most suitable for continental camping in warmer temperatures?
The Mojave PC 5.0, Atacama PC 6.0 and Kalahari PC 7.0 have been produced from an exquisite polycotton canvas, which has been specifically engineered to reduce internal condensation, temperatures and humidity when camping in warmer temperatures, such as in Europe, whilst attributing an optimal blend of UV resistance and water repellence, making these an ideal choice.
What are the largest/smallest family tents in your latest collection?
The twelve berth Airedale 12.0 remains our most cavernous family tent to date, whereas the two berth Flex 2 remains the smallest. We really do manufacture a size option to accommodate even the most discerning of campers!
Do the inner tents on our family tents include dividers?
This varies in each model, but the larger bedrooms almost always include zipped/toggled dividers, which can be utilized to adjust the configuration of the bedroom to cater for those with children.
Do you manufacture any family tents suitable for continental use or hotter temperatures?
Yes - the six berth Airedale 6 Pro Climate is created from our breathable Climate material;our highest performing man made fibre and most durable material available, designed to perfectly fuse the water-repellence and technical properties of polyester, with the comfort of natural fibres and the breathability of polycotton! This material aids in reducing internal temperatures, condensation and humidity, along with the mesh panels integrated in the front panels, side doors and ventilation points.

Traditional Awnings

Do Outdoor Revolution have any full awnings suitable permanent seasonal pitch?
Outdoor Revolution no longer manufacture seasonal pitch caravan awnings, however, you may be able to find some available from very select online retailers.
Can I use a carbon frame on a permanent pitch awning?
No; the carbon frame may require retensioning from time to time, therefore it is not recommended to use them for seasonal pitch.
Where can I buy frame spares for traditional awnings including spares for carbon frames, including bayonet fittings, corner joints etc.?
Spares for our traditional awnings are available by request for a period of up to three years: email our customer service team at with your request and they will get back to you with the stock availability and a price quote. If we do not have the spares you are looking for, then please visit, who retain stock of some of older frames. 
Do you sell traditional seasonal pitch caravan awnings?
No, we are now focused in the creation of lightweight awnings, rather than traditional seasonal pitch models, although there are some traditional feel porch awnings in our latest collection.

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