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Dura-Tread Carpet


The lightweight luxurious Dura-tread camping carpet is a must-have optional extra, specifically created to fit snugly into the main living area of your tent or awning. It is super-soft underfoot, and has been designed to compliment the sharp contemporary aesthetic throughout our product range. As well as adding an extra level of comfort to your camping experience, Dura-tread carpet is also a practical solution to protecting the groundsheet of your tent and awning from damage potentially caused by furniture, dog claws etc. We have utilized a durable backing which has insulation properties as well as preventing cold/damp ingression from reaching your feet, and ensuring soft, warm and carefree footing throughout your entire living area, even during adverse weather conditions or on harder ground. This carpet is perfectly suited to both indoor and outdoor use. The carpet is supplied in a convenient carry bag, which enables compact packing for ease of portability.

Expect to pay: £

• Suitable for both indoor & outdoor use

• Prevents water ingression

• Protects footprint groundsheet from damage

• Includes carry bag

ORFT2006           Airedale 5.0S Dura-tread Carpet Total Weight: 2.2kg

ORFT2016           Airedale 6.0S / 6.0SE Dura-tread Carpet Total Weight: 3.5kg

ORFT2036           Airedale / Kalahari 7.0SE / 9.0DSE Dura-tread Carpet Total Weight: 4.5kg     

ORDA2038          Movelite T4E / T4E PC Dura-tread Rug Total Weight: 4.2kg

ORFT3026           Ozone 8.0 Safari Lodge Dura-tread Carpet Total Weight: 9kg       

ORDA1008          Cayman Dura-tread Carpet Total Weight: 3.25kg       

ORDA1028          Cayman Classic / Tail  / Midi Dura-tread Rug Total Weight: 2.42kg            

ORDA1068          Cayman Combo Air Dura-tread Carpet Total Weight: 2.42kg

ORDA1418          Cayman Cacos Air SL Dura-tread Carpet Total Weight: 3.0kg

ORDA1078          Cayman Curl Air Dura-tread Carpet Total Weight: 2.16kg              

ORDA1088          Cayman Cuba Air Dura-tread Carpet Total Weight: 2.86kg            

ORDA1098          Cayman Cona Air Dura-tread Carpet Total Weight: 1.8kg              

ORDA2018          Movelite T2R Dura-tread Carpet Total Weight: 2.86kg    

ORDA2028          Movelite T3E Dura-tread Carpet Total Weight: 3.0kg    

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Need to clean your dura-tread carpet? We advise using warm water and a rough sponge to remove any dirt or stains. Please DO NOT use products such as bleach or household cleaners as this will degrade the fabric.