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ISO Butane Fuel 220g Gas Cartridge

Outdoor Revolution’s Iso Butane Gas Cartridges use a superior blend of Iso Butane and Propane for a gas that works better in colder conditions, and generally burns hotter and more effectively. The gas cartridges have been developed to be the safest on the market with Triple Seaming around the rim and also features Rim Vent Release, which allows the gas to escape safely if the cartridge is over exposed to high temperatures. The gas is compatible with Outdoor Revolution’s Single Burner Gas Stove and Portable Gas Heater. Packed in environmentally recyclable cardboard packaging rather than plastic wrap.

Expect to pay: £6.99 (4 pack)

• Gas Mix – Butane 60%, Iso-Butane 38%, Propane 2%

• Instructions translation in 8 different languages

• Fitting: Cartridge type Weight: 220g

• Pack- 4 pack Card Wrap (Recyclable packaging)

• TSR- Rim Vent Released-Triple Seamed (for extra safety)

• Certification: EN417 APRAGAZ

Weight 220g

Size 6.8 x 6.8 x 19.5cm 

Optional Extras

Connection: nozzle piercing , horizontal / slide-drop in to the gas Stove and Heater

Certificate(standardization): DOT 2P / UL listed / K-mark approval / EN417(π mark) certified by APRAGAZ

Welding: Braze welding seams

We recommend using our own Iso-Butane Gas Cartridges (4-Pack)- Code GAS2120, for perfect performance.

Suitable for use with:

Single Burner Gas Stove-COOK2100

Portable Gas Heater 1200W- HEAT2100