O-Zone 8.0 Safari Lodge - 2 Berth Annexe Sleeping Inner Tent

The Two Berth Safari Lodge Front Annex Sleeping Inner is a must-have optional extra for owners of the O-Zone 8.0 Safari Lodge tent, who need extra space for sleeping overnight guests who prefer their own space. It Increases the sleeping capacity by two and comfortably accommodating a double air mattress. This Inner Tent is designed to be clipped in, using the corresponding coloured loops, situated in the roof and floor of the Front Annex area.

Product Code: ORFT3024

Key Features

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This Inner Tent is produced from darkened ‘Twilight’ Micro-Polyester to optimise the through flow of air, effortlessly maintaining a comfortable internal temperature whilst cutting out on exterior light, helping you to attain a deep, cosy and uninterrupted sleep in the great outdoors.

Additional Information

• Comfortably Sleeps Two Average Sized Adults or Three Children.

• Suitable for housing a Double Air Mattress.

• Created from ‘Twilight’ darkened Micro-Polyester.

• Sewn-In PE Groundsheet.

• Specifically designed for the front Annexe of the Ozone 8.0 Safari Lodge.

• Phoenix Mesh Ventilation Fly Screen Door Panel.

Total Weight 1.4kg

Pack Size 58x19x15cm

Footprint 220cm x 145cm

Height 160cm

Barcode 5060542054539