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Portable PTC Oscillating Ceramic Heater 750W/1500W

Outdoor Revolution’s new Portable PTC Ceramic Heater is compact yet powerful and swiftly warms up the living space in your tent, campervan and caravan where mains electricity is available. This small heater kicks out between 750W and 1500W of heater power, and has an ocilating function to ensure a balanced flow of air, there is also a 'Fan Only' setting which will circulate the room temperature air during the warmer months. The heater is easily controllable for the most comfortable room air temperature thanks to the built-in thermostatic controller. The heater comes with a European adaptor so can be used on the continent. Always on hand for camping trip, travel and as an emergency heater around the home and in the office.

Expect to pay: £27.99

• Variable heat and fan speed control including Fan Only setting

• Oscillation function

• Automatic safety tip over protection

• Overheating cut off protection

• ABS housing construction

• Includes UK to EU plug socket converter

• Certification: CE, ROHS, UKCA

Weight 1.35kg

Size 18 x 15.6 x 25cm

Power 220W-240V~50Hz, 750W/1500W

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Made from lightweight ABS material, the heater is compact, lightweight and extremely portable.

When camping, it is essential to have a source of electricity to power this appliance. Our Mobile Mains Power Unit with USB and an 18-metre-long cable (product code: OREL1000) will do just the job!