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UK Mains Adaptor 13 Amp Plug to Caravan Mains Socket

The Outdoor Revolution UK Mains Adaptor Mains 13Amp Plug to Caravan Mains Socket allows connection of 240volt caravan electrics to a household 13Amp socket via a standard caravan / site hookup mains lead. Connect this to your existing mains lead and connect to your caravan.

Expect to pay: £4.99

• Adaptor - BS 13A plug to 16A 230V socket H05VV-F 3X 1.5mm 0.35m cable

• Certificiation: UK socket: BS, CEE plug, cable, VDE, CE, UKCA

Total Weight 0.25kg

Adaptor- BS 13A Plug to 16A 230V Socket  H05VV-F 3X 1.5mm 0.35m Cable 

For use with Extension OREL1010 and 1020