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We have outlined some comprehensive Hints & Tips videos to help you maximise enjoyment from your Outdoor Revolution caravan awnings, drive away awnings, family tents or camping accessories...

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How the Intelligent Frame Relief Valve Works

The patented Intelligent Frame Relief Valve is a pressure relief valve found on certain products, which is exclusive to Outdoor Revolution and expels any excess air above 6PSI to prevent overinflation or accommodate fluctuations in the ambient temperature; this is what gives us the confidence to offer a Lifetime Guarantee on certain models. Watch it in action in the comprehensive video demonstration below!

Choosing the Correct Drive Away Awning Height

Watch as one of our Business Development Mangers demonstrates how to measure the awning rail height of a campervan, motorhome or van conversion, from the ground to the awning rail, to establish whether you require a Lowline, Midline or Highline cowl height option on your drive away awning, helping you to locate the product most appropriate for you.

Measuring for a Fixed Motorhome Awning

Watch as Sam demonstrates how to measure the awning rail height of your motorhome, make sure it falls within the height range of our fixed motorhome awnings and help you make a more informed purchase.

Securing an Awning to Your Vehicle Using Figure of Eight Strips

A brief walkthrough, which details how to attach a drive away awning to the gutter rail of your campervan, or motorhome, using a Figure of Eight Strip, making it perfect for those seeking a non-permenant fixing solution.

Securing a Drive Away Awning to your Motorhome Using Storm Straps

This guide outlines the simplest method available to attach a drive away awning to a vehicle within the corresponding height range, which negates the need for a gutter rail, requiring nothing more than our storm straps and a tennis ball to accomplish.

How to Attach a Drive Away Awning Using Our Drive Away Kits

Watch the following video for a demonstration of how to use our drive away awning fixing kit to attach your drive away awning to a vehicle, within the corresponding height range, which incorporates a wind out fiamma awning or awning channel. 

How Our Inflation System Works (Explanation & Demonstration)

Experience why the Oxygen Air Frame remains the fastest, simplest and most reliable inflation system on the market in the following walkthrough; this contains the Dynamic Speed Valve (the quickest inflation/deflation valve on the market), Intelligent Frame Relief Valve (our patented ressure relief valve) and our high pressure air tubes.

How the Dynamic Speed Valve Works

The Dynamic Speed Valve remains the fastest, simplest and most reliable inflation valve on the market today; derived from the marine industry, this valve has been tested to its very limit. A quick-release button opens the valve when pressed in and seals it once pushed out, allowing you to effortlessly inflate or deflate at will. We suggest leaving this valve open when packing your product away, as this allows any excess air to be simply rolled out of each tube. The following guide video demonstrates this in a little more detail.

How to Tighten the Valves on an Oxygen Air Frame Tube

Sometimes, when an Oxygen Air Frame Tube begins to slowly deflate over a number of hours; it could be that the Dynamic Speed Valve or Intelligent Frame Relief Valve has become loose in transit. You should find a valve tightening tool in the inclusive repair kit for these products (please request one from if can not locate this), which can be attached to each of these valves (one side for each) and twisted clockwise in order to tighten the leaking valve. Please note that to tighten the valve, you do not have to remove the tube from the product; we have done this for demonstrative purposes only. Please watch the following video for a visual demonstration.

How to Remove the Dynamic Speed Valve & Intelligent Frame Relief Valve From An Oxygen Air Frame Tube

The removal of a Dynamic Speed Valve & Intelligent Frame Relief Valve is really just as straightforward as the tightening process; simply twist the inclusive valve tightening tool packed inside the repair kit (please contact should you be unable to locate this) anti-clockwise, whilst holding the back of the valve in your spare hand, until it unscrews out of place.

How to Swap a Tube & Sleeve

Swapping the internal bladder or external cover from our Oxygen Air Frame Tubes in the event of an emergency sounds like hard work, however as shown by this visual demonstration, this is easier than ever with an Outdoor Revolution caravan awning, drive away awning or family tent.

How to Pitch an Outdoor Revolution Premium Inflatable Family Tent

Thinking about purchasing one of our premium inflatable family tents? Look no further than the following time lapsed walkthrough, which showcases the most effective method for erecting the Oxygen Air Frame found on these models. Please note that this particular product is the Airedale 5.0 (2018), however, the same principal applies to our entire collection.

How to Pack Away a Caravan Awning, Drive Away Awning or Family Tent

Despite being some of the quickest products on the market to inflate/deflate, due to the sheer size of some of our products, many customers struggle with the process of packing them back into their respective hodalls. Here is the most simplistic, efficient and beginner friendly technique to use when folding, rolling or placing the canvas back into the carry bag...

How to Pitch the Airedale 12.0:

The largest family tent in our collection; erecting he Airedale 12.0 is often assumed to be a laborious task, however, this is not the case, therefore do not be put off by the size! Watch this time lapsed guide, which showcases how simplistic pitching even the largest of our family tents really is, using our unrivalled inflation system.

How to Relubricate Our Dual Action Hand Pump:

The Dual Action Hand Pump, like everything in this world, can become 'tired' after consistent usage over time, which is caused due to a lack of lubricant inside the pump. The following video effectively demonstrates how to reapply this lubricant and leave your pump feeling brand new.


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