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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my nearest stockist or display models?
Visit the WHERE TO BUY section on the Outdoor Revolution Website.
Why is the roof of my caravan awning, drive away awning or family tent wet in a morning; is it leaking?
This could be condensation; condensation is a natural occurrence, which is caused by changes in the ambient temperature or a lack of ventilation, allowing moisture to gather on the inside; this is a natural process and cannot be prevented.
What pegs have been supplied with my Outdoor Revolution product?
The pegs supplied are standard steel ground pegs.
Do Blue Diamond Products & Outdoor Revolution sell directly to the public?
Are Outdoor Revolution's caravan awnings, drive away awnings or family tents suitable for seasonal pitch?
Outdoor Revolution products have been designed especially for regular touring use, of usually around two weeks.
Why can't I locate my product on the website?
We create BRAND NEW products each year, as well as continuously improving our rerunning products. Outdoor Revolution remove products from the website, as soon as we run out of stock and receive confirmation that we are not ordering any more of the item.
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How can we reduce condensation?
We suggest keeping any windows panels, door panels and ventilation points open, wherever possible.
How should I resolve any persistent weeps?
We propose using a reputable seam sealant.
How can I keep my caravan awning, drive away awning or family tent clean whilst in use?
We suggest siting the product on clear ground, with no sharp objects beneath and zips fully enclosed.
Should I pack away my caravan awning, drive away awning or family tent immediately after usage?
No; we always recommend airing the product first.
How should our caravan awnings, drive away awnings or family tents be stored?
They should be stored dry, in a cool, dark location, facing the correct way up.
How should I remove any dirt or stains from my product?
The safest option to remove any dirt/stains would be to to brush, or gently wash, the affected area using warm water.
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Oxygen Air Frame
How does the Oxygen Air Frame System work?
Our inflation system comprises a series of individual/interconnected High Pressure Oxygen Air Frame Tubes, the famed Dynamic Speed Valve and the patented Intelligent Frame Relief Valve.
How does the Dynamic Speed Valve work?
Inflation: Make sure the centre button is in the outwards position to close the valve and prevent any pressure from being lost following inflation; clicking it a few times should help you to understand which position we are referring to. Insert the pump nozzle into the valve and begin to inflate the tube.
How does the Intelligent Frame Relief Valve work?
The Intelligent Frame Relief Valve is a patented pressure relief valve, which prevents our Oxygen Air Frame Tubes from overinflation
Are your inflatable products suitable for use in temperatures below freezing?
Although Outdoor Revolution products have been designed to withstand the Great British weather, we cannot condone erecting our products in temperatures below freezing
Does every inflatable caravan awning, drive away awning and family tent have a Lifetime Guarantee?
What is the best technique for inflation through a Boston Valve?
We suggest securely inserting the Dual Action Hand Pump nozzle into the Boston Valve
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What does the twelve month warranty cover?
The warranty covers workmanship and fabric/components only.
What does the LIFETIME GUARANTEE cover?
Some Outdoor Revolution Air Products include LIFETIME GUARANTEE* on the internal bladders; this covers any manufacturing faults on the inner tubes.
Are poles covered under the warranty?
No; poles are not covered under the warranty, however, we do retain spares.
What should I do if I have a warranty claim?
In the unlikely event that you have a warranty claim, please take your product back to the retailer you purchased it from.
What sort of eventualities do our warranties cover?
The warranty covers manufacturing faults/imperfections
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Lightweight Caravan Awnings
Are Rear Pad Poles included with our caravan awnings?
The Rear Pad Poles are an optional extra
Where can I buy replacement spare frames for any caravan awnings?
Spare pole and sleeve frames are available by request for each of our products for periods of up to three years
What height range do these caravan awnings accommodate?
Our entire caravan awning collection has been designed to fit caravan gutter rails, with a height of 235cm-250cm on the awning spectrum
Is there an available annexe for the CompactAirLite range?
Although the original cocoordinated annexe stocks have been depleted, we are able to the E-Sport Annexe
Do you sell any caravan awnings suitable for continental use and warmer temperatures?
Yes. the Evora 260 Pro Climate and Evora 390 Pro Climate size options are created from our breathable Pro Climate material
Do you manufacture caravan awnings for lower caravans, such as an Eriba?
These caravans fall below the standard height range of our caravan awnings, however due to the addition of Twin Piping, any Lowline Drive Away Awnings can be attached to an Eriba caravan
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Driveaway Awnings
What determines which drive away awning height option right for my vehicle?
The main consideration for which awning to purchase is the height of your awning rail, wind out awning or the roof of the vehicle that you intend to attach the awning to.
Does the Movelite range come with mesh fly screens?
The whole range includes one or two mesh ventilation fly screen(s)
Do Outdoor Revolution supply pole and sleeve frame options for our drive away awnings?
How do I attach my drive away awning to my vehicle?
This is highly dependent on what fixing options your vehicle has.
How do I attach a drive away awning to a vehicle with a pop top roof?
We suggest installing an awning rail on your vehicle to attach this to using our Drive Away Fixing Kit.
How does the drive away process work?
To drive away, simply unthread the fiamma from the awning gutter rail, roll up any excess tunnel fabric, tuck neatly away and stabilise
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Family Tents
Do Outdoor Revolution manufacture any pole and sleeve family tents?
Unfortunately not at this moment in time.
How do you pack away our family tents?
Please watch our video
What is the Double Side Annexe?
The Double Side Annexe is an multi-purpose annexe.
What are 'Twilight' Inner Tents?
Outdoor Revolution's 'Twilight Grey' bedrooms are an exclusive feature
Are our family tents suitable to pitch for extended durations?
Our family tents have been designed for normal holiday use
Are the canopy extensions for my family tent cross compatible with other models?
Unfortunately not.
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Traditional Awnings
Do Outdoor Revolution have any full awnings suitable permanent seasonal pitch?
Outdoor Revolution no longer manufacture seasonal pitch caravan awnings
Can I use a carbon frame on a permanent pitch awning?
Where can I buy frame spares for traditional awnings including spares for carbon frames, including bayonet fittings, corner joints etc.?
Spares for our traditional awnings are available by request for a period of up to three years
Do you sell traditional seasonal pitch caravan awnings?
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