Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find my nearest stockist or display models?
Visit the WHERE TO BUY section on the Outdoor Revolution Website. We recommend you call the retailer before visiting to ensure they have Outdoor Revolution products on display as we have no control over what each individual stockist displays. Alternatively you can click on the "where can I buy" button on an individual product and enter your postcode to find your nearest stockist.
Why is the roof of my awning / tent wet in a morning? Is it leaking?
All new awnings and tents have to go through a weathering process where the seams need to get wet and dry two to three times to allow the seam sealant to seep in to the seams properly. This is a completely normal process. This could also be condensation - condensation is a natural occurrence which cannot be prevented. Changes in temperature and lack of ventilation cause moisture to gather on the inside, to help reduce this ensure the vortex vents are open.
What kind of pegs are supplied with Outdoor Revolution Products?
The pegs are standard steel pegs. We recommend purchasing a box of hard ground pegs to complement your tent/awning.
Do Blue Diamond Products & Outdoor Revolution sell directly to the public?
No, both companies are trade companies, Blue Diamond Products being the parent company. We sell only through a network of reputable stockists/retailers (list of stockists available at
What is meant by the term seasonal/residential pitch?
This refers to the erection of an awning for over two weeks during a single use; our awnings are lightweight and are designed for touring or short breaks.
Why can I no longer find my model on the website?
We typically change our products year on year and if not, they are likely to be upgraded, potentially causing us to re-name them. If your model is no longer on our website, it means we no longer have stock of this item and we won't be ordering more. But don't worry! Chances are, our retailers may still have stock of this item; we'll stock spare poles for up to three years and your Oxygen Air-Frame retains its' Lifetime Guarantee*
Will last years' accessories fit onto this years' model?
It depends. Before purchasing, check on our website to see if there is a newer product code, for a seemingly identical older product; if so, it is likely the older model won't fit. If the newer model of awning/tent offers an optional extra with an older code, the likelihood is that the accessory will fit. To find out how old each product code is, look for the "OR.." code found below the short description on each product - the number after 'OR' represents the year the product was created for, i.e. OR18 refers to 2018 products and OR17 to 2017 models.
Where can I view your products?
Unfortunately, we do not have a showroom, which means that your best bet for experiencing our awnings, tents or accessories first hand is to swing by one of our trade shows or retailers. Find and call a retailer near you (and their contact telephone) using our POSTCODE LOOKUP. To locate the next show near you, follow our Facebook or Twitter page for regular updates! 
Do you retail outside of the UK?
As we are the manufacturer, we do not sell directly to the public regardless, however, we sell a number of our products to international distributors 'Reimo' (covering Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France and Holland), 'DCT' (for Norway, Denmark, Sweden or Finland), 'Camper Ackcesoria' (Poland) and potentially more in the near future. Please note each distributor has a diverse selection within each of these countries; please see their respective websites for more information.
Where can I find the best deal on your products?
To locate the best dealer quotes on any of our products, visit the corresponding product page on our website and select the button stating 'GET ME A QUOTE', then enter your name, e-mail address, any optional extras you are interested in, agree to the terms and conditions and click the green button below. After this, simply await response from a selection of our top retailers; they will offer you the lowest deal they can! This feature is called 'Deal Detective'.
Why are the majority of your groundsheets sewn-in?
Sewn-in groundsheets are slowly becoming the norm; this is due to the unparalleled protection they offer against draughts, bugs and water, as well as adding to the overall simplicity and convenience of pitching your tent or driveaway. As the groundsheet covers the entire footprint of the tent/driveaway, you have the option of removing an inner tent to increase storage space should you want to!
What steps should I take to maintain good condition of my awning/tent?
We suggest as soon as purchase your awning, you should weather it in order to further waterproof the seams; this is the process of allowing your product to get wet, then dry, two to three times. Your unit should be kept dry and stored dry at all times to avoid mould and mildew. Any bird droppings should be dealt with immediately. We also recommend you avoid pitching your tents for extended periods of time within warmer climates. You should also use a quality Awning Re-Proofer annually to keep waterproofing as high as possible, and regularly use an Awning Cleaner to maintain an immaculate condition of your tent or awning.
How do I know if my product is suitable for my desired pitch?
It very much depends on rules of the site you are visiting; a site may request a breathable groundsheet or specific dimensions for your pitch, that you cannot exceed. Before embarking on your holiday, you should examine the criteria for the site you are planning to visit and double-check it against the Technical Specification of your product. If you can't locate your product, please contact us on 01924 455 313 for further information.
Is my awning/tent waterproof?
Yes, all of our materials for 2018 are waterproof.
Why does my 2018 caravan/driveaway awning incorporate twin piping?
This is to add further flexibility for those who enjoy touring in a caravan, campervan or motorhome, permitting attachment to nearly every vehicle on the market.
Do your products feature an electrical hook-up point?
Our caravan awnings do not, however all drive-away awnings and tents incorporate a hook-up point, typically positioned to the front-left of the units' interior. They can be sealed or opened using a luminous zip.
Will my Universal Two Berth Inner Tent fit a double air bed?
Yes, our optional clip-in (or integrated on certain products) Universal Two Berth Inner Tent is ergonomically designed to comfortably fit a double air-bed; the four berth alternative snugly fits two.
What should i do if i get an error message on the Jet Stream Pump?
In the event of an error message displaying on the screen of the Jet Stream Electric Pump please follow the following instructions:

pdf-file Jet Stream Electric Pump Reset.pdf

What does the 'HD' in your fabrics refer to?
It stands for 'High-Density', which represents the thickness of our fabrics using internationally recognizable branding. To find out more about our each particular weave, including their construction, visit our 'Fabrics Explained' page.


What does my repair kit include?
Your inclusive repair kit should comprise a valve extractor tool for tightening/loosening your DSV or IF valves, a self adhesive puncture patch, numerous fabric swatches (outer tent fabric, PVC window, polyester mesh, PE groundsheet and inner tent fabric), a spare guyline and pegging points/straps.
Can I use Outdoor Revolution Awnings/Tents on a Seasonal Pitch?
No; Outdoor Revolution make the very best touring/occasional use products; we do not produce products with the intended purpose of being erected for prolonged periods, i.e. in use for months on end or all season. Any products that are damaged through being seasonally pitched, or their owners leave the awning unattended for extended periods, will have their warranty invalidated, as this is not their intended use.
How do I change my tubes?
To put as simplistically as possible, unzip the relevant tube and exchange the faulty or broken tube and/or bladder. Once in place just zip it back up! Watch our guide on YouTube for a more in-depth, step by step demonstration. If you have a single inflation point frame or are struggling with this process, you can post it to out to our head office (postage at your own cost) and we will change them for you.
How do I repair my awning/tent and air-frame?
A repair kit is provided with all of our premium awnings or tents, comprising a fabric swatch for your canvas, inner tent, polyester mesh panels, PE groundsheet and curtains. A self adhesive puncture repair kit is also given to patch up any leaks in your air-frame, until a later Lifetime Warranty* claim can be actioned. A spare guyline and multiple pegging points are also included, should you misplace or break any of these. Finally, there is a valve extractor tool to loosen or tighten leaking or loose valves.
How do I treat mould or mildew on my tent/awning?
To treat mould on a tent, it is best to keep it as dry as possible. To treat mould or mildew on your tent, we recommend that you use Milton's Sterilizing Fluid, dilute the product well and sponge down the affected area; this may not remove the mould completetly, but it will stop it from spreading and smelling.
How do I repair my fibreglass poles?
Each pole is constructed from fibreglass sections and internal shock cord, which runs through each section and is knotted at either end. The easiest and safest method would be to ask a member of the O.R. team whether we have any spare poles for your particular model or fill out our Spares Request Form. To repair the poles, simply cut the knot off on one end of the elastic, compare the length of the old pole to the new pole and cut the new pole to size (we recommend using a hacksaw), sand the top of the pole to remove any splinters, then sand the edges to a cone shape until smooth, thread the elastic through the two poles, knot it and voila! We recommend watching a more detailed guide for this on YouTube, which there is an abundance of!
How do I reproof my tent or awning?
If you don't already own some, purchase some Awning Cleaner and follow the instructions provided, then buy some Awning Re-Proofer and do the same. Both of these products are available for purchase from any reputable outdoors retailer and more information can be found on the Blue Diamond website.
How do I tighten my Dynamic Speed Valve or Intelligent Frame Relief Valve?
To tighten, simply latch the green wrench-like accessory (Air Mate Tool) provided with your awning/tent onto the valve and twist clockwise, or vice versa in order to loosen.

Oxygen Air-Frame

How does the inflation system work?
Our inflation system is a unique combination of our patented 'Intelligent Frame Relief Valve', expelling any excess air above a certian PSI (caused by over-inflation or changes in the ambient temperature) and the famed 'Dynamic Speed Valve', providing speedy inflation and deflation at the simple click of a button. This is the quickest and most reliable inflation system on the market; have a look at this video to see our inflation system in action and discover for yourself: Inflation System Demonstration.
How does the Dynamic Speed Valve work?
For inflation: make sure the centre button is in the outward position, if you click it a few times you will understand when it is in the outward position and this means the valve is closed. Attach the pump to the valve and inflate the tube. For deflation: press the button in and it will click open to leave the valve open and expel all the air, it is immediate deflation so doesn't take long. Leave the valve open whilst packing the awning away to allow all the air to be released. Make sure when you come to re inflate you close the valve back up. Have a look at this video which tells you more: Dynamic Speed Valve
How does the Intelligent Frame Relief Valve work?
This valve is a breather valve and prevents the tubes from over inflation. The valve is set to a certain PSI and when this PSI is reached any surplus air will be expelled, if you keep inflating the air will just continue to be expelled. Additionally with changing temperatures, if the temperature increases and the air in the tube expands the valve will also release the excess air. Have a look at this video which tells you more: Intelligent Frame Relief Valve


What does the 1 year warranty cover?
The warranty covers workmanship and fabric/components only. Any faults found within 6 months of purchase will be investigated by Outdoor Revolution. Faults found outside of the initial six months of purchase will need to be proven by you the purchaser, in line with current consumer legislation after the short term right to reject has ended. See the full warranty terms and conditions in the instruction booklet.
What does the LIFETIME GUARANTEE cover?
Some Outdoor Revolution Air Products come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE* on the Inner Tubes only. This covers any manufacturing faults on the inner tubes. See the full LIFETIME GUARANTEE terms and conditions here.
Are poles covered under the warranty?
No, poles are not covered under the warranty however we do stock spares for all our products for a period up to 3 years. Email us at with your requests and our customer service team will strive to help you.
What should I do if I have a warranty claim?
In the unlikely event that you have a warranty claim, please take your product back to the retailer you purchased it from (with your receipt/payment record) and they will examine the fault and advise the next course of action. If the awning was bought online, the same rule applies. As a distant seller, the retailer is responsible for arranging collection of your awning, please speak to them as to their returns policy – don't contact Outdoor Revolution directly as we will only re-direct you back to the retailer you purchased the awning from. If however it is not possible to get in touch with the retailer we will oblige and see what we can do to help.

Lightweight Caravan Awnings FAQ's

Are rear pad poles/roof poles standard?
This depends on the model you are purchasing, please ask your retailer before you buy if they are included or not for the product you wish to buy.
Where can I buy replacement spare frames for Lightweight Awnings?
Spares are available by request for all of our products for periods of up to 3 years: email our customer service team at with your request and they will get back to you with availability and quotation. If you cannot locate the frame you are looking for, try searching for it on
Are Lightweight Awnings suitable for permanent (all season) pitching?
No. All Lightweight Awnings are designed for short term use at any one time. The construction of the awning relies on the caravanner being with the awning for the duration of its pitch to enable guylines and storm straps to be re-tensioned as and when required (with the exception of the odd day away etc).
What height range do your caravan awnings fit?
Our entire lightweight caravan air awning range are designed to fit vehicles ranging from 235-250cm on the awning spectrum.
Is there an available annexe for the 'CompactAirLite' range?
Although the original co-coordinating annexe is no longer available, we can supply you the 2017 Sport-Air Annexe, which will zip onto either side of your awning, or alternatively, you can attach our 2018 pole-and-sleeve variation, the 'E-Sport Annexe'. Please note that although the fit is exactly the same, the colourway is not designed to co-ordinate with this awning and will not match.
Do you sell any caravan awnings suitable for continental use and warmer temperatures?
Yes - the 2018 2.6m Evora 260 Pro Climate and 3.9m Evora 390 Pro Climate size options are created from our breathable Climate material, our highest performing man made fibre and most durable fabric, designed to perfectly fuse the water-repllence and technical properties of polyester, with the comfort of natural fibres and the breathability of polycotton! This material aids in reducing internal temperatures, condensation and humidity, along with the mesh panels integrated into the front panels, side doors and ventilation points.

Driveaway Awnings

What determines which drive away awning is right for my vehicle?
The main consideration for which awning to purchase is the height of your awning rail/wind out canopy or roof of your vehicle that the awning is to be attached to (Please note when looking at vehicle heights, bear in mind manufacturers literature states overall height of the vehicle including skylights/aerials etc., not roof height or rail height). Our awnings specify what heights the awning is suitable for, see each awning on our website for more info. Simply measure from the ground to the awning rail or roof and this will tell you which awning to select. – Look out for wider awnings if you are wishing to open sliding doors inside the awning tunnel, but remember don’t go too wide because the tunnel will be too wide for your vehicle, (very rare but a consideration non the less).
Does the Movelite range come with fly screens, if so how many?
Yes, the whole range come with fly screens and depending on the model they come with either 1 or 2.
Do Outdoor Revolution supply pole and sleeve frame options for our drive away awnings?
Yes, some of our Cayman, our full Turismo and Outhouse ranges utilise fibreglass poles as opposed to our Oxygen Air-Frame System.
How do I attach my Drive away awning to my vehicle?
This is highly dependent on what fixing options your vehicle has, see the list below and options available. We recommend that you speak to your chosen stockist for expert advice.


Rain Gutter - simply buy figure 8 fixing strip or the pole and clamp system

Fiamma/Omnistor wind-out awning – Simply buy Fiamma/Omnistor drive away fixing kit

Awning Channel, - simply buy Large drive away fixing kit. Check out our video for a demonstration.

No fixing at all? – Simply use the straps or Guyline (depending on the model) provided to throw over the roof and peg on the other side of your vehicle.

Have a look at the following video to demonstrate how to use a drive away fixing kit: Drive Away Fixing Kit

I have a pop top roof on my Campervan, how do I attach my awning now?
Unfortunately this puts you in a position where fixing some form of awning rail (available through good caravan accessory stockists) is necessary if you wish to attach the drive away awning to your vehicle.
How does the drive away process work?
To drive away, simply unthread the fiamma from the awning gutter rail, roll up any excess tunnel fabric, tuck neatly away in the black loops on top of the awning side of the tunnel and stabilise using our Endurance Storm Straps for freestanding capability.
Do you sell any drive away awnings suitable for continental use or hotter temperatures?
Unfortunately not at this given moment in time. Keep a keen eye on our product range, it may be something we look into in the near future.


Does the Ozone 6.0XTR come with a front door?
No, the Ozone 6.0XTR has a built in integral canopy - you can purchase an optional zip in door which zips in to this front panel and creates a locked off area.
Do the inner tents have dividers?
This varies in each model but the larger bedrooms do have zip in or clip in dividers.
Do you sell any family tents suitable for continental use or hotter temperatures?
Yes - the six berth Airedale 6 Pro Climate is created from our breathable Climate material;our highest performing man made fibre and most durable material available, designed to perfectly fuse the water-repllence and technical properties of polyester, with the comfort of natural fibres and the breathability of polycotton! This material aids in reducing internal temperatures, condensation and humidity, along with the mesh panels integrated in the front panels, side doors and ventilation points.

Traditional Awnings

Do Outdoor Revolution have an awning in the range suitable for permanent pitch?
Outdoor Revolution no longer range a seasonal pitch caravan awning.
Can I use a carbon frame on a permanent pitch awning?
No the Carbon frame may require re-tensioning from time to time so it is not recommended to use them for permanent pitch. **Remember, with a permanent pitch awning, the erection is only done once a season so it is worth the extra effort required to erect a steel frame for a seasonal pitch in the first place.**
Where can I buy frame spares for Traditional Awnings including spares for Carbon Frames (bayonet fittings, corner joints etc)?
Spares for all of our traditional awnings are available by request for a period of up to 3 years: email our customer service team at with your request and they will get back to you with availability and quotation.
Do you still sell full, more traditional caravan awnings?
No, we are now more focused in creating lightweight air-frame awnings, rather than steel/fibreglass pole and sleeve models, although we do still offer some 'traditional feel' lightweight caravan awnings, which combine the best attributes of both.