O-zone 6.0XTR Safari (2020)

Flagship Premium Six Berth Inflatable Large Family Tunnel Tent

Introducing our flagship Ozone 6.0XTR Safari premium inflatable six berth tunnel tent, the latest addition to our high specification Ozone collection; improving on the blueprint set by the Ozone 6.0XTR Vario, utilizing an intelligent design to maximise functionality, space, flexibility and longevity, which can comfortably accommodate up to eight adults, using an optional two berth inner tent. We have constructed the family tent from an exclusive 480HDE High Density Double Rip Stop Polyester canvas material, which has been engineered to withstand even the toughest of weather conditions, whilst retaining extraordinarily lightweight properties. The contrasting colourway delivers a contemporary aesthetic, whilst ensuring that it won’t be lost at busier campsites. An optional front porch extension canopy and side veranda canopy extension can be purchased to create a central commune area, granting an unprecedented amount of sheltered living space, making it perfect for winding down with friends, family, or unexpected guests; the side extension can be enhanced even further, using our optional breathable patio flooring for maximum protection against the elements. The Ozone 6.0XTR Safari integrates every popular innovation found on its predecessor, with the new addition of double width side access doors. We have also included a removable internal zip-back divider panel, which features two Phoenix Mesh side panels allowing the front vestibule area to be completely isolated if desired; This heavy-duty family tent is the ultimate choice for families craving supreme quality, spacious accommodation and a refined sense of luxury in equal measures.

Model No. ORBK8890

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The premium high density 480HDE Double Rip Stop Polyester fabric weave retains the optimum strength to weight ratio of any family tent canvas material, providing the longevity and performance of much heavier, denier fabrics, without their impracticalities or weight constraints. This material has a structurally incorporated 6,000mm² Hydrostatic Head, meaning it is exceptionally waterproof and rain will simply bead onto the surface, before rolling off. A lighter coloured roof material reflects heat to maintain a comfortable internal temperature. The engineered double rip stop weave provides a contemporary look and feel, whilst preventing accidental damage from worsening. Please note that the workmanship/canvas carry a 12 Month Warranty against any manufacturing faults.

The Oxygen Air Frame is the fastest, simplest and most reliable inflation system on the market, with no adjoining pipes or taps spoiling the immaculate lines of our stunning designs, comprising our inflatable high-pressure Quintuple Oversized Ultra-Sturdy Gothic Arch Oxygen Air Frame Technology, the famed Dynamic Speed Valve and patented Intelligent Frame Relief Valve. Inflation is swift using the inclusive Dual Action Hand Pump, whilst deflation is available at just the push of the self-retainer button; our exclusive pressure relief valve prevents damage to the tube through expelling any excess air above 6PSI, which is typically caused by overinflation or fluctuations in the ambient temperature. All valves are discretely concealed by a Velcro Cover for a tidier external aesthetic. The Oxygen Air Frame has been quality controlled to ensure optimal performance and carries our exclusive Lifetime Guarantee* for peace of mind in years to come. The side eyebrow canopy creates a conveniently sheltered mini porch area; this is supported using an individual fibreglass pole, which can be effortlessly erected, then should be pushed through the sleeve, before being inserted into the designated eyelets at each side.

The Oxygen Air Frame is the Quickest & Most Reliable Inflation System on the Market.

Take a Look at How Easy It Is to Inflate Your Airframe.

The panoramic tinted windows encapsulate the great outdoors, from the comfort of your family tent, helping reduce glare, increase privacy and create a more relaxing internal atmosphere; these are accompanied by zip-in blinds, which can be zipped back to illuminate the internal space on a morning, zipped halfway, or zipped totally shut for complete privacy on an evening. We have implemented breathable mesh ventilation fly screen panels in the internal front left-hand side window, each side window on the internal divider door and each of the double side access doors to maintain an optimal through flow of air, a pleasant internal temperature and a reduced number of insects. These are produced from Phoenix Mesh; an assisted=healing ‘smart’ material, with the structurally incorporated ability to self-repair any ‘snag’ damage caused by consistent usage over time.

The Ozone 6.0XTR Safari comes complete with a dual action hand pump, repair kit, wheeled holdall, steel ground pegs, reflective guylines, storm straps, numerous cable access points and attachment points to accommodate our latest lighting systems. A two person sleeping bedroom, a stone protection footprint groundsheet, a luxurious camping carpet, an inflatable front porch extension, a steel side veranda canopy extension, a breathable patio groundsheet and our oxygen tube storage pocket system can also be purchased as optional extras.

Additional Information

  • 480HDE Double Rip Stop Fabric - The Optimum Strength to Weight Ratio of Any Family Tent Fabric, Featuring a Double Rip Stop Weave to Prevent Accidental Damage from Worsening.
  • 6,000mm² Hydrostatic Head & Fully Taped Seams Throughout - Exceptionally Waterproof; Water Will Simply Bead Onto the Surface and Roll Off.
  • Quintuple Tube Oxygen Air Frame System - An Ultra-Sturdy Easy to Erect Multiple Inflation Point Gothic Arched Oxygen Air Frame.
  • Dynamic Speed Valves - The Quickest, Simplest & Most Reliable Inflation Valve on the Market.
  • Intelligent Frame Relief Valve Protection System - Our Exclusive Pressure Relief Valve to Prevent Overinflation, Expelling Any Excess Air Above 6PSI.
  • Lifetime Guarantee - On the Oxygen Air Frame Tube Bladders Against Any Manufacturing Faults.
  • Zip-Up Curtains - Leaf Pattern Embossed Zip-Up Blinds to Maximise Privacy on an Evening & Block Out Light on Brighter Days.
  • Twilight Six Berth Inner Tent & Zipped Dividers - A Darkened Breathable Clip-In Micro-Polyester Inner Tent, Which is Designed to Comfortably Sleep Up to Six Average Adults and Divisible Into Three Separate Two Berth Bedrooms, Using the Zipped Dividers.
  • Tinted Anti-Glare Windows - Expansive Windows Granting a Panoramic Vista of the Outside World, Whilst Reducing Glare & Increasing Privacy.
  • Sewn-In PE Groundsheet - To Increase Convenience When Pitching, Reduce Water Ingression to the Interior & Prevent Bugs From Accessing Your Living Area.
  • Phoenix Mesh Ventilation Fly Screen Panel - Zip-Back Assisted Healing 'Smart' Mesh Panel, Which Self-Repair Any Snag Damage Caused by Consistent Usage, Optimise Air Circulation & Keep Insects at Bay. Found on Each Side Access Door, Front Porch Left Hand Upper Window & Front Partition Door.
  • Internal PVC Storm Cover - Situated in the Front LH Upper Window For Further Protection Against the Elements When Cooking in Adverse Weather Conditions.
  • NEW Double Width Side Eyebrow Canopy - Right Hand Side Pole & Sleeve Porch Area with Total Shelter From the Elements; Perfect for Tying Shoelaces.
  • NEW Double Width Side Access Doors - Double Width Veranda Style Side Door Panels for Ease of Access to the Central Living Space.
  • NEW Large Central Skylight Window - Enormous Central Roof Light Window to Illuminate the Internal Space & Maintain an Airy Internal Morning Atmosphere.
  • NEW Internal Partition Door - Zip-Back Multi-Position Porch Partition Door, Featuring Phoenix Mesh Window Panels & Privacy Curtains.
  • NEW Zip-Back Front Door Panel - Zip-Back Multi-Position Front Door Panel to Enclose the Front Porch Area, Featuring Three Expansive Tinted Windows.
  • Zip-Off End Bedroom - The Two Berth End Bedroom Can Be Zipped Fully Off to Create Extra Living/Storage Space.
  • Multiple Cable Access Points - Electrical Hook Up Points Extending to the Bedroom for Conveniently Powering Electrical Appliances Inside the Family Tent.
  • Vortex Bedroom Ventilation System - A Wealth of Mesh Ventilation Points to Maintain A Pleasant Internal Temperature & Through Flow of Air.
  • Extra-Deep Bedrooms - Ergonomically Designed Full Standing Height 240cm Deep Bedrooms to Accomodate Larger Air Beds.
  • Lumi-Link & Up/Downlighter Compatible - Giving You the Option of Illuminating Your Family Tent on Those Darker Nights.
  • Compatible with our BRAND NEW Optional Utility Extensions: O-zone 6.0XTR Safari Front Air Canopy & O-zone 6.0XTR Safari Side Veranda Canopy.
  • Reflective Guylines & Adjusters - High Visibility Guylines to Reduce the Risk of Tripping.
  • Packed With: Dual Action Hand Pump, Steel Ground Pegs, Endurance Storm Straps, Repair Kit & Wheeled Holdall.

Due to an increase in hard standing pitches; we highly recommend that you purchase a stone protection footprint groundsheet to lay underneath your family tent for additional protection.

  • WIDTH: 440cm
  • LENGTH: 800cm
  • HEIGHT: 215cm
  • WEIGHT: 54.8kg
  • PACK SIZE: 89cm x 69cm x 58cm
  • BEDROOM SIZE: 420cm (W) x 240cm (D)
  • FRONT HEIGHT: 215cm
  • COLOURWAY: Graphite/Warm Grey

Barcode 5060542053006